Prompts and Challenges

On one of our spontaneous day trips when neither of us have a clue where we are going or where we might end up, Lynn and I came upon this rock house named, coincidentally, Rock House, out in the middle of the Mojave National Preserve in California.

Rock House
Mojave National Preserve
July 2, 2017


Maybe too easy for The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Textures.

But, whatever works!


Rock House
Mojave National Preserve
July 2, 2017


If you were wondering how anyone could-or would want to-live in the remote desert that is now Mojave National Preserve, take a walk along the Rock Spring Loop to find some answers.

The Rock House was constructed by Bert Smith in 1929. He came to this area to recover from poison gas exposure suffered during World War I. Doctors told him he didn’t have long to live, but the dry desert air proved so beneficial to Smith’s health that he lived here for 25 more years! The second long-term resident was artist Carl Faber, who lived and worked at the rock house in the 1980s, selling his artwork to passing travelers.

Christina Mills
Park Ranger 





Prompts and Challenges

This week, The Daily Post has asked for a retrospective in which “… you pull all the strands of your 2016 together before diving into the new year.” That got me to thinking about processing images I’ve taken in the past 7 years that have been ignored by me for one reason or another, and posting them once a week under the title In Retrospect. That new venture has now morphed into its own blog which I will link to when it is online. I hope you will all stop by from time to time and take a look. Until then, and without further ado, I give you my ‘most’ posts of 2016:

Most Likes


In which I give some thought to the creative box I’m in

published April 10, 2016

Goldfield High School built in 1907

Most Comments:


In which I reveal certain truths about Emilio Pasquale

published October 13, 2016

Hanksville UT May 7, 2016

Most Proud of


In which I create a pano of 3 images that were so drab and colorless they sat in my archives for 4 years

published November 7, 2016

Jenny Lake Grand Teton National Park WY November 13, 2012

Raison d’etre

Prompts and Challenges
Caliente Station

Caliente Station

I love raisons. My wife hates them. She says there’s just too much concentrated sugar in all dried fruit. Maybe that’s why I like them? But having said that, I know we’re not talking about dried fruit but rather what makes us do what we do.

In her Daily Post for this challenge, Krita writes that “Raison d’être is a French term, meaning ‘the reason or justification for existence.'” But why should I have to justify my existence. Cogito ergo sum as Rene Descartes proposed, and that should be enough for anyone. Yet, all my life I’ve had to justify my existence. We all do. It’s not enough to sit in a corner and think, then expect to receive any kind of adulation or remuneration for doing so. OK, unless your name is Rene Descartes.

Mine is Emilio Pasquale. And my raison d’etre- besides trying to keep my wife happy all night and day- is taking photos and maybe, one day, creating a piece of art that someone else, besides my wife, will want to hang in their home.


After I posted, I realized what I said was not entirely true. Photography fills that creative need for me. I feel at peace when I’m out with my camera. Hunger, pain, or any of the bodily functions that normally rule my daily existence are of no concern when I have that camera to my eye. I can only relate it to how a hunter must feel when he or she is on the scent of something exciting. Yet I do not destroy.

I preserve!

Back To The Future

Prompts and Challenges

Here is my entry for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Future.

Goldfield High School built in 1907

Goldfield High School built in 1907

“Study the past, if you would divine the future.” ~~ Confucius

When I complained to Cee (of Cee’s Photography) that I had gone through all my photos and none spoke to me about the future because I think I’m too ensconced in the past…, she replied with, “You could do a ‘back to the future’ type post😀“! So here it is, the Goldfield High School, built in 1907 and currently going through renovation. And my thanks to Cee for inspiring me to think about the box I’m in. And about the future!

My Happy Place

Prompts and Challenges

This week, The Daily Post  wants us to show where we go to get our groove back. Our “groove back”? Does anyone still use that expression? OK, so they want to know what we do, where we go whenever we feel like the world is being a bit too rowdy, when things and people are pushing in, crowding out our quiet thoughts. Actually I’m not really sure they care. They’re just trying to prompt us, challenge us. So, I took up their challenge and came to the conclusion that there are two places that really help when I am stressed, or have a decision to make, or just need to chill (another expression I’m not sure anyone still uses). One is local; Valley of Fire State Park in Southern Nevada. Ancient trees and early man are represented throughout the park by areas of petrified wood and 3,000 year-old Indian petroglyphs. Covering an area over 42,000 \acres, it is always possible to find solace and revitalize your spirit.

Valley Of Fire--4The other is a 4 1/2 hour trip from Las Vegas NV to Sedona AZ. Though the town itself is crass and commercial, there is great food, friendly people, and the countryside is beautiful and soul searing!

Sedona Paint 1Notice a trend here?