In Retrospect: Chloride AZ

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Chloride AZ June 17, 2015

Chloride AZ
June 17, 2015

We had passed the sign for Chloride many times while on our way to other places. But this time we had no particular place to go. We were exploring. So we took the turnoff and ended up in one of the better episodes of The Twilight Zone. We had stepped back in time, where everyone had older cars and trucks and the front lawns of their homes were decorated with artwork of their own making. The people were cordial and the food in the local diner was substantial. It was a late Sunday afternoon and we had missed the last staged gunfight of the day in their western town setup. Of course, I couldn’t help but take a shot of where the weekly shoot-out takes place and then processing it to look somewhat like a western movie.

(Let me explain what In Retrospect is. Or will be. On January 7, 2017 I had the brilliant idea to start a second blog called In Retrospect to highlight some of my older images. That idea was actually not so smart because I found there was no real need for a second blog. It just took additional time and the theme I chose never worked properly. So after one month, I shut it down. I will continue with my bright idea here, and will post every Saturday. The images will be from 2009 through 2015. But no later. For now.)

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