In Retrospect: Goffs CA


Goffs Railway Depot
Rte 66 CA
October 11, 2015

There’s not much left of Goffs CA, situated as it was on Old Route 66. When I-40 was completed, the community simply faded away. The only two buildings that remain are the schoolhouse- totally renovated in 2008, and this building, a replica of the historic Goffs Santa Fe Railway Depot (1902-1956).

I don’t have any shots of the schoolhouse because it was a rather boring square box shaped adobe style building that looked brand new. And I hate brand new. So here’s some rusty old, for your viewing pleasure. That is, unless you like brand new, in which case you’ll hate the rest of these shots.

Looks like this tow truck could use a tow.

Now, this old jalopy reminds me of an early sitcom called “My Mother The Car” in which a man’s mother is reincarnated as an old car. Or maybe it’s just her soul that takes over the car. Either way, she torments him, as mothers are wont to do, by never shutting up!

This could be the original workshop they used to build the original railway depot. Or the original schoolhouse. Who knows?

And this was a nice little romantic streetlight on the desert pathway around the schoolhouse.

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Those Were The Days


Rancho Cucamonga CA
March 5, 2017

By the time you read this, we should be on our way to spending a week in L.A. A four and a half hour drive from home that can take upwards of 2 to 4 additional hours of road time depending on traffic. And there is always traffic in L.A. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, not far from Universal Studios and just over the hill from Hollywood. Man, have things changed. Lots more people, more traffic, more crowded. The streets seem narrower now, and places where we used to play no longer exist, the little league field, the empty dirt lot near the railroad tracks. We used to walk up to the the boulevard where the Lankershim Theater was and spend all Saturday at a double feature matinee. We thought that was heaven. Our parents did, too, I’m sure.

So we will be house sitting for friends who are off to London for the week. Right on La Cienega Blvd. Close to the Jewish community near Fairfax and Melrose (Canter’s Delicatessen- the best Kosher Deli), not far from Olvera Street (a Mexican outdoor market- mostly for tourists now), and the Disney Concert Hall.

So if I am pretty absent for a few days, you’ll know why. Hopefully I’ll be out shooting!


Gallery, Prompts and Challenges
The View from old Route 66 Golden Valley AZ November 26, 2016

The View from old Route 66
Golden Valley AZ
November 26, 2016

So The Girl That Dreams Awake chose “Freedom” for this week’s word prompt. She chose to show birds- as in “free as a bird”. I chose the open road, since I hate to fly.

Now, let’s go see what other people think of when they think of freedom.

The American flag, anyone?

Share Your World – 2016 Week 48

Gallery, Prompts and Challenges
Golden Hour at Golden Valley CA November 26, 2016

Golden Hour at Golden Valley CA
November 26, 2016

Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts?  Food should never be eaten with nuts. I know I am not being politically correct now but, if someone is nuts they shouldn’t be allowed to eat out. Am I discriminating? Yes. I suppose I am.

If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction? Let me tell you what my life movie shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be a movie. It should be a continuing TV series, preferably a BBC series that goes on forever. Or for at least another 30 years or so. I have nothing against an American made series, mind you, But the British just sound so much classier. Even when they are doing slapstick they seem to exude so much class.

 Who talks real sense to you? No one now. When I was growing up, the closest would have been my uncle, who insisted I go away to college, who helped me choose which school and got me my first real job when I graduated.

Do you have a favorite board game? I absolutely hate games of any kind. My sister, who was older than me, used to always have to win. Whenever we played Monopoly, she had this killer instinct. You could see it in her eyes. Very scary.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m grateful that last week is over and though there is still familial stress when it comes to planning for Christmas. I’m going to try to get Lynn out of town so we don’t have to have dinner with the ‘nuts’ in our family. 

041514 sywbanner

Please go take a look at Cee’s Share Your World to read other blogger’s answers. Or, better yet, join in.


Thursday Doors

Gallery, Prompts and Challenges
Somewhere outside of Kingman AZ off old Rte 66

Somewhere outside of Kingman AZ off old Rte 66

I have to start taking better notes as to where we are whenever I take out my camera. My wife doesn’t even remember ever seeing this house. Maybe I went alone? But, to be fair, this WAS shot over 10 months ago. And we’re old!

So, this is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors. And to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Entrances and Doors. Please visit both sites and and take your mind off what has transpired this week. 


Gallery, Prompts and Challenges
Rte 66 Kingman AZ March 17, 2016 5:38 am

Rte 66
Kingman AZ
March 17, 2016
5:38 am

The above image is in response to the challenge that The Girl That Dreams Awake posts every Monday. I look forward to them.

All I can add to this shot is that it must be love. My wife had to be at the airport by 3 am for a flight to China. I wasn’t invited but I did take her to the airport. And since I was awake, I drove out from there to take some morning photos.

Good morning to you all, no matter when you see this!


Gallery, Prompts and Challenges


I have it on good authority that this used to be a little red schoolhouse. OK, if truth be told, there was no one around to ask. But then again, there was no one around to dispute my claim, either. So, to me, this was, and is, a little red schoolhouse. Just off old Route 66 at Valentine AZ, on the way to Seligman.

(This is a weekly photo challenge run by The Girl That Dreams Awake that anyone can join. How do I know? They let me in, didn’t they? So go take a look. Join in this week, or next.)



95 to Goffs-1630-Edit-Edit-3 copy copy

The first phrase that comes to mind is mise en scene.Don’t be embarrassed. You can look it up if you need to. There’s lots of words I have to look up from time to time. But since I was a theater arts major in school, I heard this phrase constantly.

OK? So this mise en scene was in the middle of Goffs CA just off Route 66. The middle of Goffs is in the middle of nowhere with a population of ten or so people, if I remember correctly. We met a very informative fellow when we stopped there last summer.

Anyway, this is for Cee’s challenge. That’s why I have that pretty catchy title up there that caught your eye. So go visit her and see what others have chosen to post this week. But first, let me know you were here by a like, or a dislike or a comment. OK?