Seven Day Photo Challenge, Day 2

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Day 2:

Freight Car
Hidden Valley NV
May 22, 2016

I have been invited to participate in Judy Dykstra-Brown’s Seven Day Photo Challenge. Actually I wasn’t really invited, but had to beg Marilyn and shame her into extending an invitation to me. She is too much like me in that she does not like to impose so I, too, will not invite anybody to participate unless they tell me they want to join in. Anyway, the rules, which I’ve already violated, are as follows: “The challenge is one black and white photo from your own life each day for seven days. No people depicted, no words of explanation. Invite one other person to join each day.”

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In Retrospect: Elgin NV


Union Pacific Ohio Crane
February 6, 2013

Lynn was born and raised in Elgin Illinois. Imagine her surprise and delight when she discovered there was an Elgin Nevada. She had lived in Las Vegas for 7 years- we had been married for just under 1 year- when we finally decided to head out there. It was a pretty desolate area. The road had been washed away by a storm and had never been repaired. When we got to the town, there was nothing there. Just an old schoolhouse and a railroad crossing. And this Union Pacific Ohio Crane, peeking around the trees at us.

We have yet to go back but, if we do, I’m sure the road will be in the same state of disrepair.

And on a side note, Lynn and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary early next month!

(OK, I just googled Elgin NV and Wikipedia says; “Elgin is a ghost town located between Caliente and Carp, Nevada on the eastern banks of the Meadow Valley Wash off of Nevada State Route 317.

A former railroad town, it is now the location of the Elgin Schoolhouse State Historic Site, a one-room schoolhouse museum. There is an apple orchard nearby.

As of May 2008, the State Historic Site is permanently closed due to the damage to the only road leading to the site, Nevada State Route 317, caused by flooding.”)

Cee’s Share Your World – February 27, 2017

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Newberry Springs CA February 25, 2017

Newberry Springs CA
February 25, 2017

Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle? Are you kidding? Lynn and I are always at odds with filling up the gas tank. She laughs at my anal-ness (is that a word?) of filling up no later than at a quarter tank. She will wait for the warning light to go on before she even thinks about stopping for gas. But no, we’ve never actually run out of gas.

Which are better: black or green olives? Kalamata olives in a salad or on a pizza, green olives in a martini!

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore? I’m pretty much a virgin when it comes to travel so I would love to visit and explore other cultures.

Quotes List: At least three of your favorite quotes? This is tough because my favorites are not inspirational and there are so many. “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education” – Mark Twain, “Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid” – Hedy Lamarr, and “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read” – Groucho Marx.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’ve been cutting back on my work hours and spending Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library working on a coffee table book. Last week was the first week and now I don’t want to go back to work-work. Ever! Next week? Just endless possibilities,

Thanks, as always, to Cee of Cee’s Share Your World.



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In Retrospect: Caliente NV

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Caliente Railroad Station Caliente NV February 6, 2013

Caliente Railroad Station
Caliente NV
February 6, 2013

Caliente was founded in 1901 and given the name due to the hot springs present in the area. In 1905, the Union Pacific railroad was completed, followed by the construction of the train depot in the style of Spanish mission architecture. The train depot, built in 1923, is now home to some city and county offices and a museum that exhibits historical information.

We have been there three times so far and have never seen the museum open. Nor have we seen anybody in the city or county offices. The shot above was taken on our first trip out that way on our weekend of exploring the area in which we live.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 3, 2016

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Barstow CA

Barstow CA

My wife doesn’t understand me. I mean, don’t get me wrong. She’s a wonderful woman. Salt of the earth. (By the way. What does that mean? Salt of the earth. Anybody know?) But we’ve been to Barstow twice now. One hundred fifty eight miles southwest of here. I don’t remember if I got any shots of anything that first time. But the second time, we found this trestle that stretches over a vacant railroad yard and I got this one shot that I like. Now, I want to go back and maybe shoot from a different angle or a different time of day. But she says we saw everything there is to see in Barstow. What? Excuse me? I guess I’m just going to have to sneak off one morning and go back down there by myself. Problem is, she’s my navigator. Without her, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know which way to go.


(The above image is part of Cee’s Which Way challenge. Please go visit to check out the rules (pretty simple) and the talent (pretty awesome).

Raison d’etre

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Caliente Station

Caliente Station

I love raisons. My wife hates them. She says there’s just too much concentrated sugar in all dried fruit. Maybe that’s why I like them? But having said that, I know we’re not talking about dried fruit but rather what makes us do what we do.

In her Daily Post for this challenge, Krita writes that “Raison d’être is a French term, meaning ‘the reason or justification for existence.'” But why should I have to justify my existence. Cogito ergo sum as Rene Descartes proposed, and that should be enough for anyone. Yet, all my life I’ve had to justify my existence. We all do. It’s not enough to sit in a corner and think, then expect to receive any kind of adulation or remuneration for doing so. OK, unless your name is Rene Descartes.

Mine is Emilio Pasquale. And my raison d’etre- besides trying to keep my wife happy all night and day- is taking photos and maybe, one day, creating a piece of art that someone else, besides my wife, will want to hang in their home.


After I posted, I realized what I said was not entirely true. Photography fills that creative need for me. I feel at peace when I’m out with my camera. Hunger, pain, or any of the bodily functions that normally rule my daily existence are of no concern when I have that camera to my eye. I can only relate it to how a hunter must feel when he or she is on the scent of something exciting. Yet I do not destroy.

I preserve!


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Another week, another Share Your World!

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order? I have one sibling. An older sister I never got along with as we were growing up. She thought she was my mother and could tell me what to do. She still thinks she’s my mother but Lynn doesn’t like the competition. On the other hand, Lynne is the oldest of 9 children. I don’t think her parents had a tv!

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger? I’m very comfortable with the way Lynn drives but, before her, I always had to drive. Now, a lot of times she’ll do the driving so I can look for photo ops along the way.

When you lose electricity in a storm, do you light the candles or turn on the flashlight? How many of each do you own? I would like to think that we would light the candles. Or just go to bed early. We have three flashlights but none of them have batteries- which is pretty self defeating. We have about five candles. Five hundred!

List at least five of your favorite types of animals?  (any animal to domestic to wild to marine life). Well, I always wanted a dog until I met Lynn. Wait, that came out wrong. I wanted a dog but we inherited her sister’s chihuahua and I can’t stand the dog. Very needy. And Lynn thinks the dog is human and feeds her food from her plate. Then there’s horses- which we both love. Salmon when they’re swimming upstream are fascinating. How many do I have left? I think that’s about it.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Lynn has been able to get the house into order in one week while I’m still struggling over where to put everything in my den. So I guess I’m grateful that Lynn was able to accomplish so much in such a short time and I’m thankful I have the weekend to try to get my part of the house in order!

The photo above is from a spontaneous Sunday outing last year. I have not been able to get out to shoot in the last two weeks. I miss it!

Now, go visit Cee’s Photography for other challenges every day of the week. Submissions are open to everybody of all ethnicities, political, and religious affiliations!


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What one thing are you really glad you did yesterday?  Yesterday was a very lazy day. Unlike a lot of people on the East coast, our yesterday was an almost balmy 60 degrees so we puttered around in our garden. OK, with one slight modification- my wife puttered around in our garden. I worked on processing photos and ran outside whenever called to do something manly that my wife could not handle alone. She can handle most things alone so I was able to get a lot done!

Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow?  I would have to say both. I live very much in the moment and do not worry about what might happen in the future. But at the same time I do plan for the future.

Would you want to have as a guardian angel/mentor? What would they tell you right now?  I’m not sure I understand the question. Would I like a mentor/ guardian angel? I had one growing up. My uncle, who tended to believe in me and give me guidance more than my actual parents ever did. Who would I want to have as a mentor/guardian angel? Well, it would have to be a male as my wife is insanely jealous! And he’d have to be older and not too good looking as I am insanely jealous, too, and wouldn’t want him hanging around the house when I’m not home!

Would you rather live in a cave house or a dome house made out of glass?  It would definitely have to be a cave house as a glass house would afford absolutely no privacy. I don’t even undress until all the lights are off and there’s no full moon. Of course, we did remove all the blinds on the windows onto our garden so we could wake up to the sight of nature. So I have no idea at all.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  I am grateful that my wife and I were able to kiss and make up after a stupid argument over the definition of a self made man. The argument occurred last Saturday night, the 16th, and hard feelings continued  into the week! Yes, our married life is like anyone else’s and though I am devoted to her, I can not understand why she can not see everything my way!

OK, so the photo that kicked off this week’s Cee Challenge was taken just this weekend in Barstow California. I processed it while Lynn puttered in the garden!

Now, go visit Cee’s Photography for other challenges every day of the week. Submissions are open to everybody of all ethnicities, political, and religious affiliations!


Somewhere in Hidden Valley

Somewhere in Hidden Valley

What else needs to be said? True, I have not tried out any other mirror-less cameras, nor have I tried any non-mirror-less cameras. But why bother? The price, the quality, the weight, the lens, the bells and whistles…. OK, let’s talk about those bells and whistles.

I received the Fuji X-T1 with a Zeiss 32mm f 1.8 lens Tuesday evening, on loan. “On loan” makes it sound so much more professional than “I rented it!” OK, I rented it. Bad news is it cost me just under $200. Good news is they extended the rental period from one week to two, just for me. And for anyone else who had the special coupon code. The camera and lens were actually a lot cheaper than the cost above. But once you add insurance and shipping and tax, well…

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I spent reading the online manual so that I could set the camera on full automatic- which takes most of the fun out of using it. Those first two days I contented myself with shooting clouds. Friday afternoon I played hooky from work and went down to the strip to try some street photography. I lasted less than a half hour as the temperatures are already well over 100 degrees here in Las Vegas. On Saturday, my wife and I jumped into the car planning to drive up to the cooler climes of Zion! But as we drove up the 15 freeway there were several exits that we decided to explore instead. The first was BYRON, a town we couldn’t find. The second was UTE, of which we found only a dirt road. The third? Pay dirt. HIDDEN VALLEY (of which I can find no mention on the internet). And it really is exactly what you would imagine. Or, at least what I would imagine, as I don’t really know you, or what you might imagine.

Wait a second. I’m getting carried away. Bells and whistles, bells and whistles…

There are a lot of them. But I still have no idea what the camera can really do. For that, it might be best to contact someone like Joe Giordano of Monochromia who is the one who talked me into trying out the camera just by talking about it. And talking about it. And talking about it. And sharing his photos.

It’s really a remarkable camera as far as I can tell.

And Joe is just an all around great guy. Contact him. Look at his images. He has 4 WordPress sites and a Life In Black & White on Facebook. We are a mutual admiration society.

Well, I admire him!