Before and After: Soldier Summit UT


Golden Hour Barn Soldier Summit UT November 1, 2017

(If you wish to see the revised, completed, version of this edit, please visit my Flickr account here.)

Well, as I mentioned, I was thinking of changing my weekly posting of In Retrospect (where I take archived photos and re-do the processing) and I have decided that it will become a monthly post, alternating with some of my newer work and also with a Before and After post once a month where I discuss the processing I go through on the featured image. Please don’t think I’m saying my processing is anything special. I just used to enjoy Stacey Fischer’s ABF (After Before Friday) which has been defunct for about a year now and I thought I’d like to resurrect it. If anyone would like to join in, just add a link in the comments section below. OK?


So, the image above was taken in Soldier Summit Utah when my wife and I were returning from a Halloween trip to visit family. This was one of the images that didn’t turn out quite right as the sky was drastically overexposed.


So, last night, having nothing else to do (not true- I could have read either of the two books I am now reading; The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb, or Fantasyland by Kurt Andersen) or watch Netflix (Alias Grace, Glow, or Wanted). Instead I wanted to see what I could get out of this image. All processing was done in Lightroom with a slight detour into Topaz, and back. Let’s see if I can explain without losing you. If you don’t care to read the explanation, please jump to the bottom of this post to view the film strip.

So I had to lower the exposure by 3 and a half stops. Then I cropped the image and adjusted the whites, shadows, and brightness.

3.5 stops Lower Exposure, Crop, Basic Work Flow

Then I moved the image into Topaz where I added an Equalize filter, an HDR filter and then added an overall brown tone.

Topaz Equalizer, HDR, and Brown Tone

Topaz has some great lighting effects, so I played around with a sunlight effect.

Sun Light Effect

Back in Lightroom I added highlights to the barn and some of the weeds around the house with the Radial Filter, then added a vignette.

Radial Filters, Post Crop Vignette

I added Contrast, Clarity, and a very subtle Split Tone to move the white balance more towards a golden hour feeling. Not very successfully, I might add. I also desaturated the blue sky and lightened it with the Luminance slider.

Contrast, Clarity, Split Tone, Blue Saturation and Luminance

I worked with the Spot Removal tool to remove some of the harsh white in the clouds in the center of the image.

Spot Removal

Then I got rid of the Contrast and most of the Clarity I had added.

Remove Contrast and Clarity

I updated the Radial Filters to brighten the highlights.

Updated Radial Filter

Finally, I adjusted the overall Luminance to lighten the image.

Added Luminance

And tried again to get a Golden Hour effect by adjusting the white balance. Again!

White Balance

So there you have it. Let me know what you think. Please!

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Prompts and Challenges
The International Car Forest of the Last Church   Goldfield NV

The International Car Forest of the Last Church  
Goldfield NV

Cee says : “Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.  We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them.  If you have any of those type of photos, this challenge is for you.”

Check out Cee’s site for other oddball photos from other oddballs!


Oversize Color Load

Oversize Load

Oversize Load

Our plan was to stop at Zion on our way up to Lehi Utah and hike Angel’s Landing. But it was windy, rainy, and the sound of thunder echoed down the canyon walls. So we improvised and stretched our 5 hour drive to well over 12 hours by taking numerous exits off the I 15 and exploring. The above was one of the first places we found in Parowan UT, just north of Zion and Brian Head. What attracted me to this scene were the colors. Lynn no longer thinks I’m nuts but reserves her opinion until she sees the finished product.

She likes it! I hope you do, too. And please take a look at the black and white version on Monochromia.

The Underground

Goldfield NV

Goldfield NV

Yeah, I know what you were thinking. You were hoping, maybe, this post would have something to say about the upcoming presidential election and how an underground railroad to Canada has been initiated. Or an underground movement to get Jon Stewart elected President has been formed. Actually, I believe there really is an underground railroad to Canada, but it’s very much above ground. You can even take a plane- one that flies very high above ground- if you can’t stand to be the laughing stock of the world a second longer. And there really is a movement to elect Jon Stewart President afoot. But, alas, this is to be a very tame and apolitical post about the London Underground tube canopies (I don’t know what else to call them) that we found in Goldfield NV a few months ago. That’s my post. This photo. And if anyone can add anything to this most interesting incongruous placement of London Underground tube canopies in Goldfield Nevada, please just jump right in.

Killing Me Softly


Barn and shackMy wife is trying to kill me! I swear it’s true. I’ll explain later in the week- probably Wednesday or Thursday because we have been away for 4 days and there’s a lot I have to catch up with at work.

This is one of the first photos I took on our trip. We were driving from North Las Vegas, where we live, to Capitol Reef State Park in Utah to meet up with one of Lynn’s sisters and brother-in-law. I have no idea where we were, what town we were near. Somewhere in Southern Utah. I’ll ask Lynn. Maybe she remembers.

This is a JPEG edited in HDR Efex Pro 2 with the Nik collection.

Oh, and for all you mothers out there,


Hope it was good for you.

Raison d’etre

Prompts and Challenges
Caliente Station

Caliente Station

I love raisons. My wife hates them. She says there’s just too much concentrated sugar in all dried fruit. Maybe that’s why I like them? But having said that, I know we’re not talking about dried fruit but rather what makes us do what we do.

In her Daily Post for this challenge, Krita writes that “Raison d’être is a French term, meaning ‘the reason or justification for existence.'” But why should I have to justify my existence. Cogito ergo sum as Rene Descartes proposed, and that should be enough for anyone. Yet, all my life I’ve had to justify my existence. We all do. It’s not enough to sit in a corner and think, then expect to receive any kind of adulation or remuneration for doing so. OK, unless your name is Rene Descartes.

Mine is Emilio Pasquale. And my raison d’etre- besides trying to keep my wife happy all night and day- is taking photos and maybe, one day, creating a piece of art that someone else, besides my wife, will want to hang in their home.


After I posted, I realized what I said was not entirely true. Photography fills that creative need for me. I feel at peace when I’m out with my camera. Hunger, pain, or any of the bodily functions that normally rule my daily existence are of no concern when I have that camera to my eye. I can only relate it to how a hunter must feel when he or she is on the scent of something exciting. Yet I do not destroy.

I preserve!