Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters G or H

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The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
March 21, 2017

The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is dedicated to the remembrance and preservation of the history, stories, victims, and tragic events of the Holocaust during World War II. 

The museum is always free, because the founding survivors insisted that no one ever be turned away from learning about the Holocaust.

Across from the entrance to the museum is a 6 foot high cement wall with a bit of graffiti that seemed somehow appropriate to me.

Pan Pacific Park
March 21, 2017

This week, the topic of Cee’s Black and White challenge is the letter G or H. I seem to have them both covered from my recent trip to the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles and the graffiti I found there.



Public Transportation

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Stillwell Avenue Elevated Subway Station Brooklyn NY December 12, 2015

Stillwell Avenue Elevated Subway Station
Coney Island Brooklyn NY
December 12, 2015

My mother died in 2001. My dad, 14 years later. He had always wanted to take my mother’s ashes back to Coney Island, where they had met when they were both teenagers. Just before Christmas of 2015, my wife and I traveled to New York to carry out his wishes.

We commingled their ashes and, on December 12, 2015, scattered them over the beach at Coney Island.

The photo above is for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Public Transportation.


Prompts and Challenges
Final version

Final version

Maybe once a week I swear off any new challenges. And then Cee comes along with a challenge I can’t refuse. This one I thought would be easy. Sepia tones only. So with my comment to her: “Take a vintage type image and process it in sepia and it automatically looks at least 50 years older. great fun this week. I’,m going to go see what I have!” I went to see what I had. (And I left all the typos intact so you get an idea of how excited I was to play!) I finally chose the old railroad station in Caliente NV which was taken a few weekends ago:

DSCF3959 copy

I decided not to crop any tighter because I liked the cloud in the sky. I have no idea why, I just did. I converted to black and white by simply taking out all saturation, then added a sepia preset:

DSCF3959 copy copyThat was certainly a disappointment. So I tried making it a bit darker:

DSCF3959 copy copy1Still nowhere near a 50 year old image. That got me to thinking maybe the current lenses are too sharp, so I added a slight blur to the image, then added a textured preset of torn paper:

DSCF3959 copy copy copyAnd finally I added more of a darker reddish-orange cast to the image, took the contrast down as far as possible, and added  a vignette:

Final version

Final version

Finally, I was happy. I hope you are, too. Or, if not happy, at least not discontent. I hate when people are discontent. Or not happy!

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95 to Goffs-1630-Edit-Edit-3 copy copy

The first phrase that comes to mind is mise en scene.Don’t be embarrassed. You can look it up if you need to. There’s lots of words I have to look up from time to time. But since I was a theater arts major in school, I heard this phrase constantly.

OK? So this mise en scene was in the middle of Goffs CA just off Route 66. The middle of Goffs is in the middle of nowhere with a population of ten or so people, if I remember correctly. We met a very informative fellow when we stopped there last summer.

Anyway, this is for Cee’s challenge. That’s why I have that pretty catchy title up there that caught your eye. So go visit her and see what others have chosen to post this week. But first, let me know you were here by a like, or a dislike or a comment. OK?


There Oughta Be A Law

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Did you know that “many of those ‘Restrooms for Employees Only’ signs that hang in most small businesses are actually in direct violation of building codes? Nearly all states have plumbing codes that require businesses to provide restroom access for customers and visitors. In New Hampshire, denying entry to a bathroom is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum $1,200 fine” (from a 2007 Time article by Ceri Au). And did you know you could probably get arrested, if not severely beaten up, for taking photos in a public bathroom? But that’s me, living on the edge. Below are 3 such photos, submitted for Cee’s consideration to this week’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns.

PH-1086 copy

Planet Hollywood sinks

PH- copy

Planet Hollywood WC’s, Water Closets, Toilets

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Me's room sinks

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Men’s room sinks


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PBR Rockbar & Grill Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Strip September 19, 2015

PBR Rockbar & Grill
Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas Strip
September 19, 2015

I’m really not sure how Cee does it. She has a challenge for almost every day of the week. She has Odd Ball on Sunday, Share Your World on Monday, Fun Foto on Tuesday, Compose Yourself Wednesday, Black and White Thursday, and I’m not really sure which day Which Way.

I think she sleeps in on Saturday!

Big Subjects

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Red RockBigger IS better! Click on the photo above for a better view!

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Big Subjects | Cee’s Photography

OK, at first I thought this would be cheating. After all, this is not a particularly big mountain. More like a hill. But then I figured the cloud was pretty big. I mean it covered almost the entire sky. That’s no small thing! So here’s my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Challenge. One heck of a big cloud.

Cee’s B & W Challenge- Man Made Objects

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My cabin in the woods. Without the woods. And it’s not really mine, though I took the original photo and post processed in Lightroom.


Cees Black and White Challenge- Man Made Objects

(And thank you, Cee for featuring my post “50 Years Or Older”. My followers have doubled . I now have 9!)