In Retrospect: Goffs CA


Goffs Railway Depot
Rte 66 CA
October 11, 2015

There’s not much left of Goffs CA, situated as it was on Old Route 66. When I-40 was completed, the community simply faded away. The only two buildings that remain are the schoolhouse- totally renovated in 2008, and this building, a replica of the historic Goffs Santa Fe Railway Depot (1902-1956).

I don’t have any shots of the schoolhouse because it was a rather boring square box shaped adobe style building that looked brand new. And I hate brand new. So here’s some rusty old, for your viewing pleasure. That is, unless you like brand new, in which case you’ll hate the rest of these shots.

Looks like this tow truck could use a tow.

Now, this old jalopy reminds me of an early sitcom called “My Mother The Car” in which a man’s mother is reincarnated as an old car. Or maybe it’s just her soul that takes over the car. Either way, she torments him, as mothers are wont to do, by never shutting up!

This could be the original workshop they used to build the original railway depot. Or the original schoolhouse. Who knows?

And this was a nice little romantic streetlight on the desert pathway around the schoolhouse.

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33 thoughts on “In Retrospect: Goffs CA

  1. I love all these images Emilio 😀 The rust on the vehicles is amazing but unlike back east theres no rot. The first image is my favorite though, its spectacularly moody.


    1. That has been my plan from the first. Lynn and I discussed it and she’s game. At the start of the new year we will be listing our home and the first place we go after it sells is the northwest. Second is Rte 66. All the way.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. We just sold a sofa and loveseat last night. We will be storing some stuff, but haven’t decided if we will rent space or use our kids. We’re still up in the air about modes of transportation. Our cars are both older and well worn- mine has over 220,000 miles and Lynn’s is over 170,000. But I sort of like the idea of just driving them into the ground. We also have talked for years about train travel. I’ve done it several times and love it. Lynn never has but wants to. Definitely we will give you ample warning when we are in the area. 🙂

          Liked by 2 people

  2. Well, Jo, I would really appreciate when you don’t like something I do, that you let me know. In the best possible of terms, of course. Lynn always does and sometimes I see what she’s talking about and sometimes not. Sometimes I’ll even agree with her and make a change. I’d love it if you could do that. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂


  3. A very cool location and equally cool photos! I would love to spend some time photographing there. At first I couldn’t tell if the first image was a small scale train village set-up … I love it! The street lamp is awesome too!


    1. That is the actual size train station. Thanks, Denise. There isn’t much there. Maybe one or two more buildings that I missed. But if you ever come out this way, I have places for you where you CAN actually spend all day shooting. Maybe even all week!


  4. Hi Emilio
    I love the old vehicles.And there’s a feeling of an alien world in the first image – something about the light in the sky.

    I hope you and all your friends and family were not caught up in today’s tragic shooting.


    1. Everybody we know is fine. I was going to post some text messages between and amongst the family. Everyone was shaken up but none of us were near there. Except a friend of our 16 y.o. grandson was there and shot in the arm. We tried to give blood this morning but the lines are around the corner and there is a traffic jam on the street because of everyone wanting to help in some way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So relieved to hear from you Emilio. Thank goodness your grandson’s friend will recover. I can’t even imagine the outpouring of those like yourselves wanting to help. Sending hugs across the miles. We will be thinking of everyone in Vegas and all affected.

        Liked by 1 person

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