Emilio’s Share My World – August 21, 2017

Prompts and Challenges

Valley Of Fire State Park
Overton NV
August 20, 2017

OK, now, no one get excited. I am not taking over Cee’s Share Your World. In fact, I first asked her permission and she graciously agreed. Seems she’s having too much fun on her break this week to wonder what I’m actually up to. But I just miss her, I guess. I haven’t joined in SYW the last two weeks and so here’s my version for today. Cee also said I could ask anyone who wants to, to join in. So, if you want to, link in the comments below. Here we go!

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?  Just out of college, my roommate and I decided to try to furnish our apartment with a dumpster dive. We drove into Beverly Hills and, within 10 minutes, were stopped by police asking what we were up to. We were subsequently arrested and charged with suspicion of burglary. Spent the night in jail. When we reported to court to find out when our trial date would be, we were told there was no such charge as suspicion of burglary. I think those cops just wanted to scare the crap out of us – which they did. Now, all these years later, when I see a cop, I think he’s looking for me.

What have you always wanted?  Did you get it?  Be careful what you wish for. When I was 15 1/2, I got my learner’s permit. In California at that time, you could drive a motorcycle with just a learner’s. Don’t know how my parents ever agreed to that but I got my first Honda motorcycle at that tender young age. Then my second when I went away to college. One day, a car ran a stop sign and I narrowly avoided an accident. I didn’t avoid  a sudden meeting with the pavement, though and had my first knee operation when I was 22. My second knee operation happened about 3 years later when I drove into a gas station and slid out from a combination of water and oil on the ground. Since then, no more motorcycles.

What is your perfect pizza?  My perfect pizza is the one I’m eating. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pizza I didn’t like, including Domino’s or Pizza Hut when times were tough. But my tastes are a bit more upscale nowadays. We have a favorite place, Settebello’s, which is authentic Neapolitan pizza. A very thin crust. You can only put a maximum of 3 toppings on it or it will fall apart. We usually get kalamata olives on our margherita  pizza.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. See that photo up there. Well, last weekend we went out to Mojave National Preserve to catch the Pleiades meteor Shower. I wanted to attempt some astrophotography but realized I didn’t know my Fuji camera well enough. So all week I read up on the settings, downloaded the Fuji remote to my iPhone, got my tripod, and then went to Valley of Fire State Park (about an hour north of the strip). This is the 4th shot I took last night before dark. The white strip, in the upper left to center, is a plane coming in for a landing at McCarran Airport. The yellow in the lower right is the glow from the lights of the strip.

OK, so that wasn’t so scary, was it Cee? I hope whoever reads this enjoys it. And if they don’t, I’d definitely like to hear some constructive criticism.


46 thoughts on “Emilio’s Share My World – August 21, 2017

  1. You are a very lovable guy, and with a header pic like that I’d allow you to take a few liberties. I don’t really have the time to play but I will tell you that I have always, ALWAYS, wanted a boat. Just in case anyone reads this and is feeling generous. 🙂 🙂 I’m not greedy. Anything grander than a rowing boat will do. And it’s a ludicrous wish because I’m a rotten swimmer and prone to seasickness. Have a happy week, Emilio!


  2. I think you can be Cee’s stand in any time Emilio. As always I enjoy knowing more about you and a laugh is always guaranteed. Sorry about the biking accident. Ouch. Gorgeous photo. Seems you took the camera homework to heart!


  3. I’m glad I found Jules’ blog or I’d have never known you hosted SYW this week. Thanks! Here’s my effort:




  4. The Mojave is a great place to catch meteor showers — good picture by the way. When I lived in New Mexico, we used to go out into the desert or up into the mountains to catch the meteor showers. No lights for miles around. It was great. I’ll be posting my answers in a bit. Thanks for hosting SYW this week!


    1. Thanks, Julie. And it wasn’t the entire night. We were booked just around midnight and got out around 5 am. Had to call my parents from jail to but up bail! So I’m an actual convict. Sort of!


  5. Emilio, I so adored reading your responses this week. The cop must have really scared you. I didn’t even catch you were arrest for “suspicion of burglary”. Of course you can’t be arrest for that. Would have totally freaked me out. Your photo is marvelous. 😀


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