In Retrospect: Daniel WY


US Post Office
Daniel WY
November 10, 2012

We were on our way to Jackson Wyoming where we were to spend a week in a rented log cabin in the woods.  We were traveling on US Route 189, a little used road that begins in Utah and ends in Wyoming. Lynn was driving and we had not seen another car for about an hour when, out of nowhere, a dark SUV came up behind us and flashed its lights. Red, then blue, then red again. Lynn pulled over and I asked how fast she was going. “Over 100”, she answered.

The Highway patrol officer smiled politely at her and asked, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“No, Sir,” she smiled back.

He asked for her license and registration. Well, I’m sure you know the routine. It took him less than 5 minutes to write the ticket.

“You might want to slow it down in the future,” he told her.

“It’s just so beautiful out here,” she said.

“Well, why not take your time to enjoy it?”

“Yes, sir.” She looked down at the ticket. He had written it up for 91 mph. “Thank you,” she smiled.

He gave her a strange smile back.

I did not get any shots of the beautiful countryside. It’s impossible to get anything in focus when your wife is speeding down the highway at over 100 mph. But we did stop in Daniel to stretch our legs and switch drivers.

That’s when I took these shots.

Gasoline and Motor Oil
Daniel WY
November 10, 2012




34 thoughts on “In Retrospect: Daniel WY

  1. Lol. We have driven that road soooooo many times, I can see the need for speed. Alas, we are always pulling the house behind us. Now you have made me want to stop in Daniel however.


  2. First of all I love the images Emilio they were taken and processed masterfully (that’s a 50 cent word 😎). When I get pulled over for speeding I usually use this line – Police: You were going 80 mph – Me: That’s impossible officer I haven’t even been out for an hour. My PBA card usually helps also 😀


    1. LOL. The images were shot on my Canon T2i which was never sharp enough for me and now I love the images as I go back to them. Also, these were jpegs. So I only get a 50 cent word? Let me know when I get a dollar’s worth. OK?


    1. Thanks, Sherry. There was another log cabin down the street that I didn’t include but they all had green somewhere (a roof, a door, window trim) which makes me believe they were all built by the same man or company.


  3. Garry used to be like that. The ONLY reason he slowed down was after getting three tickets in a row, our insurance went up 300% and they were ready to take away his licence. So now, he begrudgingly has slowed down to ONLY 20 miles above the speed limit. I try NOT to look. Traffic jams. That’s how I get pictures. There’s usually at least one somewhere on any trip to anywhere.


    1. I go five miles over the limit and everyone passes me. So I keep increasing my speed but try to keep a few cars going faster- hoping if a cop does show up, he’ll go after whoever is passing me. Stupid, I know.


  4. Lynn, and I have something in common, although I’ve never gone 100 mph … in the truck anyway 🙂
    Perhaps I’ll get to Daniel WY someday!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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