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November 10, 2015

Laura Bloomsbury of eljaygee in pursuit of the photo has come up with Second Best Sundays which, according to her definition, is : an image [you] cannot quite assign to the trash… neither technically well–crafted nor spellbinding, yet still it holds [one’s] attention – a second best shot that deserves more than a second look.

This shot of the back side of the Las Vegas Strip is a seldom seen angle that exemplifies the tawdry underbelly of an industry with its roots in organized crime. It is not a picture postcard image of the city, but it fascinated me that day when the rain had stopped and the sun peeking through the cloud cover shone off the buildings on the strip.


27 thoughts on “Second Best

  1. It’s a great image Emilio but New York has an underbelly also with roots in organized crime. The purveyors of these casinos actually came from New York. Don’t get me wrong I love New York and I’m Italian but anywhere money is involved organized crime will follow.

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  2. I love this photo! It reminds me of a train trip we took from Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia. I know Calgary very well, but the view through the train window framed a shabbiness I didn’t know existed!


  3. for me: the way the city rises up from the landscape just emphasizes how people try to ignore what’s around them with bright shiny objects (or buildings), seeking to be distracted by a distraction from their daily distractions.

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      1. I am! I’m very fortunate to live close to beaches in pretty much every direction – and each within an hour or less drive. I don’t mind the heat but I am ready for the slightly cooler temperatures of Fall… wait… who and I kidding…??? There is no Fall in Florida 😀 San Francisco!! How exciting! be safe and have TOO MUCH fun!!


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