In Retrospect: Cima CA


Just off Cima Road, where it intersects with the Cima Kelso Road, we found this railroad spur line. Littered around the area were old creosote railroad ties and spikes. Across the way is the shell of an old country store. Out in front is this ancient relic:

It no longer works. There is no coin slot, no dial tone. Behind the store is an area that resembles a graveyard for old cars and trucks:

But the photo is deceptive as the property behind the store is not quite as neat, more of a dumping ground:

And it seems like the old store has been boarded up by whatever random wood could be found lying around.


All photos were taken in Cima CA, part of the Mojave National Preserve , on February 28, 2015 and processed on July 12, 2017


33 thoughts on “In Retrospect: Cima CA

  1. Beautiful light in that third shot, Emilio. I think someone better get that phone booth into a museum before it mysteriously vanishes! You’ve made what’s undoubtedly not very attractive look quite nice. 🙂


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  2. I’m amazed as I have been . You can take beautiful photos of a graveyard for old cars and trucks, dumping yard, ancient public phone…. and tell great stories. I hope to see your “In Retrospect” get published in a hard copy book someday.


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