Saddle Up!


Nelson NV
June 3, 2017

Every time I go to Nelson NV, I find something new to shoot. I swear the time before last, this array of saddles didn’t exist. And when I saw it, I thought of my friend Janet, whom I’ve never met. Can you be friends with someone you’ve never met? Well, if you can’t, then I believe there wouldn’t be any WordPress, or Facebook. Heck, if I was on Twitter, I could be friends with the President of the United States. So, Janet, for better or worse, I call you my friend!

I could have taken a photo of a dozen or so horses for you- knowing how much you love horses. But anybody can find horses to take a picture of. I got you the saddles instead.

Anyway, there are no horses in Nelson.


15 thoughts on “Saddle Up!

  1. Thanks, my friend, (yes, I call you that, too, and despite what you may think, nothing worse than that). Those saddles look well-used and comfortable. There are many fancy saddles in the world, but the best one is the one that fits the rider and is as comfortable as an easy chair. I have a saddle that was a dude saddle at a dude ranch and I guess all those seats did a great job of breaking it in, because it’s just right for me. Thanks for thinking of me and for the excellent photo.



  2. You couldn’t be friends with the President Emilio, you don’t like him that much 🙂 I hope you could be friends with someone you never met otherwise I’ll have no friends. Awesome image and processing my friend.


  3. Emilio! I’m visiting WP friends today and am so glad to stop in to visit. And YES we can be friends with people we have never met!
    We’re friends, right?
    Okay, I digress. That row of hanging saddles was irresistable, and you captured it well!


  4. No one asks a bride “why a garter?” when she’s wearing pantyhose. It’s tradition. You got a barn, you need a saddle. Or twelve! Ok? 😉 This is another shot from Nelson NV, my favorite go to spot for photos.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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