The Little Woman


Well, I was finally able to get Lynn to pose for a photo. She insisted on keeping her sunglasses and coat on and I had to shoot from a distance. But here she is, my wife, my muse, the little woman, my better half, my spouse, my mate, my consort, my woman, my helpmate, my bride.

Goblin Valley UT
May 8 2016


48 thoughts on “The Little Woman

  1. So the public finally gets to meet the mystery woman ! I don’t know why she never poses for images Emilio she’s beautiful (but I already knew that). I usually have to catch Terry off guard to take an image or one that includes her in a group photo. Women are so strange when it comes to getting their photos taken.

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    1. Long suffering? What about MY suffering? You think it’s easy being me? And on another note.I’m the one usually behind the camera. I’m not sure you will ever get to see me. Well, I think I did post a photo a while back. But no more. I can’t stand breaking women’s hearts.

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  2. Great photo. Lynn seems to know how to model for being so camera shy. She is lovely.

    One advantage to being the photographer for many years was I was rarely photographed — back in the day before cellphone cameras, you would see more pictures of Bigfoot than of me. However, today, the handheld device paparazzi go crazy, and I seem to end up being photographed in the act of photography more often than I would like. Then there’s been a few times I accidentally switched the phone camera to selfie mode, and ended up taking silly photos of myself trying to get it switched back to normal mode. As I get older, and more curmudgeonly, I end up having to be my own model for a lot of photo projects. With the lenses and shutters of a digital world built into most every device and installed most everywhere these days, it’s almost impossible to hide behind the camera, even from yourself.

    Maybe Lynn should do photos of you, post them, and start a “Broken Heart Collective” blog for all the broken hearted to share about their Emilio induced achy breaky hearts.

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    1. I like that idea, Tim. Of Lynn posting photos of me. But knowing her, she’d post me when I get up in the morning, or eating, or whenever I’m at my worst, which is most of the time. And then I’d have to teach her Photoshop to clone my head onto somebody else’s body! It’s just too much like work!

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          1. Oh, NOT at all, Emilio! I do appreciate your effort, and you were so gracious. :) A couple of years ago, I said to one of my dear blog friends that only friends would a such an effort. 🙂

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"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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