In Retrospect: Cold Creek NV



One of the first times out exploring together, Lynn and I got lost looking for the Desert National Wildlife Refuge at Corn Creek. When we stopped at a gas station for directions, the kid behind the counter directed us to Cold Creek, saying it was a much more interesting place. So we took his advice. The turn off to Cold Creek is marked by the Southern Desert Correctional Center (read Prison). And just about two miles up from there is the High Desert State Prison. I’m not sure why we need two separate prisons so close together on the same road but, about ten miles further southwest of the second prison, we came across a small herd of wild horses. We’ve been back several times over the years. The two prisons are still there. So are the horses.

“Wild wild horses couldn’t drag me away

Wild wild horses we’ll ride them someday”

Keith Richards, Mick Jagger

Both photos taken April 2, 2011


39 thoughts on “In Retrospect: Cold Creek NV

  1. It seems like the kid had some terrific advice for you Emilio. Are the prisons perhaps different security levels? Just a guess as to why there are two so close together. I wonder if anyone has ever escaped and tried to use a wild horse as a getaway vehicle?
    Such gorgeous photos. I continue ot be in awe, or perhaps that’s envy. One or the other. 🙂


    1. Don’t envy me because I’m gorgeous. But awe is good! 🙂 From what I can gather, one prison used to be federal and one state. Then the state took over both. As for escaping, there are signs along the freeway not to pick up hitchhikers around there. That’s all I know. But if they ever tried to escape by horse, I’m sure they’d be noticed! 🙂


    1. I’d like to see someone try to ride one of these horses. Most of them do not look too healthy and though they are comfortable around strangers, I don’t think they’d be too comfortable with someone trying to get on top of them! 🙂


    1. Actually the golden equine was more brown than golden, as was the sky! 😀 You are the first to posit the different gauge theory, which might be correct. I’m not sure I want to find out! No possibility of ever getting out. How depressing for them.


  2. I had that Stones tune playing in my head as soon as I saw the first shot 😀
    It sure is fun when we make wonderful unexpected discoveries of places like this isn’t it?


    1. I couldn’t think of any other tune that would fit as well. We been making discoveries like this ever since we started going off on spontaneous day trips about two or three years ago. Nowadays we have to travel further and further out. 🙂

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