In Retrospect: Elgin NV


Union Pacific Ohio Crane
February 6, 2013

Lynn was born and raised in Elgin Illinois. Imagine her surprise and delight when she discovered there was an Elgin Nevada. She had lived in Las Vegas for 7 years- we had been married for just under 1 year- when we finally decided to head out there. It was a pretty desolate area. The road had been washed away by a storm and had never been repaired. When we got to the town, there was nothing there. Just an old schoolhouse and a railroad crossing. And this Union Pacific Ohio Crane, peeking around the trees at us.

We have yet to go back but, if we do, I’m sure the road will be in the same state of disrepair.

And on a side note, Lynn and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary early next month!

(OK, I just googled Elgin NV and Wikipedia says; “Elgin is a ghost town located between Caliente and Carp, Nevada on the eastern banks of the Meadow Valley Wash off of Nevada State Route 317.

A former railroad town, it is now the location of the Elgin Schoolhouse State Historic Site, a one-room schoolhouse museum. There is an apple orchard nearby.

As of May 2008, the State Historic Site is permanently closed due to the damage to the only road leading to the site, Nevada State Route 317, caused by flooding.”)


8 thoughts on “In Retrospect: Elgin NV

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary Lynn and Emilio 🙂 I’m curious what brought Lynn out to Las Vegas ? I know you had mentioned in a previous post you moved out west because of your family. Cool shot by the way.


    1. Lynn’s first husband died of cancer. She had kids who live here talk her into moving. She bought the house we’re living in now until she’s no longer underwater and can sell it. Then we’ll be off to see the world!

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    1. Well, even though the road is closed you can get out there. You can see the schoolhouse from the exterior. But it has been renovated and looks like it was built just recently. Not my idea of a ghost town at all.


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