In Retrospect: Boulder City NV


This weekly feature of mine, entitled IN RETROSPECT is to highlight images that were underappreciated by me when I first shot them. Either they languished in my archives for years or I did not like the processing I did back then. So you get to see them for the first time again! Make sense?

Anyway, this shot was never used because it was just a shot of a black car bumper with a too busy background. I like the way it turned out after I started playing with it.

Joe, what year Chevy is it?

And below, as an added bonus, is a shot of the interior.

And one more shot of the interior where, through the windows, you can get an idea of what Boulder City looks like.

Now, my question: If Boulder City originally built in 1931 as housing for workers who were building the Boulder Dam, was named for the Boulder Canyon Project, and since the name of Boulder Dam was changed to Hoover Dam in 1947, shouldn’t the city now be called Hoover City?

It just makes sense to me.


35 thoughts on “In Retrospect: Boulder City NV

  1. I laughed when I thought of the cars of this era compared to a Smart Car or any of the other tiny cars now operating. The small cars are great for some things, but in case of an accident, you want to be in a car like this one. 🙂



    1. In case of an accident I want to have good eyesight to see it coming and great acceleration to get out of the way. As for a Smart car, I don’t think its very smart to have one anywhere other than your front lawn. As a garden ornament!

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    1. The name makes it sound like a town right out of the dust bowl. Or during the depression. As for your question, I couldn’t see myself living in Las Vegas, yet I’ve been here 18 years. So I would live anywhere that would have me! 😀

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  2. Emilio, great capture of the car.
    As to changing the name of Boulder, I suspect that there are still too many people who are alive and/or remember stories of Hoovervilles. These makeshift tent and any material “cities” were part of the Great Depression and Hoover’s failure to address the needs of the huge number of unemployed people.


    1. Yeah, I knew that name would have a negative connotation. I was being sarcastic. But that is exactly how boulder City started out. People and families would camp in tents until the company homes were built, sometimes taking as much as two years to get to move into one.

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  3. This is a great idea – revisiting images and this one is a beaut!
    I like seeing the interior with the city outside.
    Yep. Hoover City makes sense to me 😀😀


    1. Thanks, Frank. I’m not a big fan either, actually. But I enjoy trying it out. I’m not a great fan of boudoir photography but I’d like to try that out, too. Unfortunately, my wife disagrees! I tell you, I just don’t understand women! 🙂


  4. I wasn’t sure about the outside shot, but I was positive after seeing the inside photo … my grandfather had a car like this. His didn’t have that inside metal ring on the steering wheel though.
    One of my earliest memories – maybe I was 4 or 5ish – was sitting on that steering wheel like a swing. Obviously the car was parked in the driveway at that time!
    Thanks for the memory, Emilio! I was very fond of my grandfather. Unfortunately I didn’t have him for long.


    1. You’re welcome Joanne. My dad had an old Dodge that looked just like this. I remember it was a double clutch system you had to use the clutch twice to get it into the next gear, though I don’t remember how that worked.


      1. My father tried to teach me how to double-clutch years ago. I never grasped the concept. Thankfully cars are easier to drive now 🙂 … too bad there’s just so many of them though.


        1. Yeah. When I was younger, I bought an MGB- a sporty manual transmission. Then when I had my midlife crisis I bought a brand new manual Mercury Cougar. I loved that car but it was always being repaired for one reason or another and I finally had to sell it!


          1. After spending 6 weeks this winter with my son’s car (he broke his foot and couldn’t drive his standard), I’ve decided I’m too old to drive a manual transmission in city traffic.


  5. Wonderful light and detail here Emilio! Full disclosure, I am a closet vintage car shooter and I’m trying to remember if back then people complained about these cars looking looking all the same.


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