In Retrospect: Lucerne Valley CA


Lucerne Valley CA
May 14, 2013

It was our one year anniversary. Romantic, no? But this was not where we stayed. We were on our way to Big Bear Lake on State Route 183 through Lucerne Valley CA when we came upon this abandoned home in the middle of the desert. Well, what was I to do? I left Lynn in the car and explored. It was a warm but windy day and the sounds the house made were eerie. Creaking and rustling and cawing. OK, the cawing was from the few crows that had taken up residence and they were not necessarily please to see me. At least Lynn hadn’t left me there. But 4 years later, she just might. As we used to say, the bloom is off the rose. She will follow me anywhere I want to go, but now I have the feeling she’s just looking for a place to dispose of the body, if it ever comes to that!


26 thoughts on “In Retrospect: Lucerne Valley CA

    1. Thanks, Helen. One of my first favorites. I didn’t have any Lightroom skills back then but was now able to open up the shadows (the interior frame and wall of the windows) and bring down the highlights (the exterior). Still, it didn’t change the image too much.

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      1. Thanks for the helpful note, Emilio. I like how you edit photos to give them that Emilio look 😉
        This photo, for some reason, reminds me of one of Andrew Wyeth’s painting.
        Have a great day.

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