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Ok, for those of you who groveled, begged, and pleaded, here are a few shots taken by my wife when we stopped in Milford NE on the way back from getting married. To each other. She trespassed first to prove no harm would come to me if I disobeyed a no trespassing sign this once. Problem is, she thinks she has to keep proving this to me. Anyway, photos by her, processed by me. I think you can click on any individual image to view it larger.



24 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. You should try to convince Lynn to take more images she seems to be a natural at it Emilio 😀 FYI I just begged there was absolutely no groveling involved ! Great shots Lynn.


  2. Just reading through the comments and I screeched to a halt at ‘ I might like Western Canada.’ Well of course you would. Bring Lyn and her camera there is an endless supply of material. 🙂


      1. I think you best pull out a map of Canada my friend. We are in the heart of western Canada with the Rockies 45 minutes away. We are always taking you there. Were you thinking more of the prairies? I’ve done a couple of posts on going home to Saskatchewan. Always interesting places to be found you just need to drive a few hours between them. 🙂


        1. Ok, ok, I’ve been duly admonished. Hate to say I don’t even know my own country that well and I should know Canada? When I think of Canada, I think of Montreal and Quebec, the only places I’ve ever seen. And I loved them both for totally different reasons. Maybe from now on, when you write, you can post a little map just for me! Nothing too fancy, even just a pencil drawing will do! 🙂

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