Prompts and Challenges

Mt Charleston NV
February 3, 2017

What a world we live in. Last month it was cold enough to snow in the mountains. This Thursday, one month and 2 days later, the prediction is for 80 degrees, followed by 81 on Friday and 82 on Saturday. It looks like, for the next 10 days at least, we will not drop below 80. So, the theme for this week’s 52 week challenge from “The Girl” is “In The Distance”. Most of my photos are taken of objects in the distance. I’m not sure this is a good trait, though I do like this image. I was standing on the outside patio of a restaurant in the mountains when I spotted this cabin. And I just happen to have my camera and zoom lens with me. I could be very happy living in a place like this, though I expect I’d have to live alone. My wife doesn’t take to the snow all that much.



  1. Wow talk about wild temperature swings. This image is a perfect balance interesting subject matter great lighting and processing. Very nice job Emilio 😀


  2. I like this shot very much, Emilio, and I also like the snow. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any on the ground in January or February, a dubious record as far as I’m concerned. Might as well have spring, although temperatures are going to dip down low towards and through the weekend.



  3. It has been a peculiar year for weather and I expect it will be even stranger. Whatever is going on with the weather, it’s going on and no amount of people denying or arguing will change it. Is it us? Is it us and … something else? Aliens in little space ships?

    We had two weeks of winter with snow, two weeks of early summer, no snow. Now, it’s just cold and blowy and gray, but without rain. If we don’t have more rain, it’s going to be a very crunchy season here.

    I love your mountain snow picture. I love the shed in the middle of the snow. Cool.

    Garry’s not fond of snow either, but given the state of the state, he’s happy to live in Massachusetts.


    1. It has been a peculiar year for any number of things, but let’s not go there. Right now, we are trying to figure out where to go this weekend because it’s now being forecast in the mid 80’s. There has been no transition from one season to the next unless you stayed awake in one 24 hour stretch. That’s the only way you could have witnessed it. Maybe we’ll go back up the mountain and watch the snow melt!


  4. HI, I love the images a perfect balance of interesting subject and light with a hint of processing! It is great to have a challenge and or work on a series, I will have to check out “The Girl” and see what others have been doing. Weather smeather, -18C this morning when I headed off to work. we reached a high of -11C, for my American cousins that means the day started of at about 0F and reached a high of about 12F today. Please enjoy the 80F and am glad someone gets too, and no I am not bitter, just cold….

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    1. 8o degrees is not all it’s cracked up to be. I found out my car’s air conditioner is not working and it will cost me approximately $500. Just at tax time. I think I’d rather have your weather. At least the car’s heater is still working.


  5. I could also live in a place like that 🙂 away from the city rush:) love the mountains and snow and my dream house is actually a chalet in the mountain . Maybe it will happen one day I suppose I live in the rite country for that 🙂 thanks for joining Emilio 🙂 haven’t seen you around here for a couple of weeks am I rite? Beautiful photos 🙂


    1. Yes, I haven’t been around lately but it was nothing personal. Just going through a bit of burnout and needed to step back. I hope to continue with your challenges but if I miss a week here and there, please understand. It’s not you, it’s me! 😉

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      1. That old chestnut ‘it’s not you it’s me’ 😂only jocking 🙂 that’s absolutely fine Emilio 🙂 we all have a life and sometimes it’s impossible to keep up with everything trust me I know it 🙂 have a nice week and hope to see you soon 😊

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