January at Mt Charleston

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Mt Charleston Las Vegas NV January 21, 2017

Mt Charleston
Las Vegas NV
January 21, 2017

The image above is in response to Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons challenge for 2017. It is not so much a challenge as it is an excuse to get out and shoot- not that I ever really need an excuse. The Cardinal has changed the rules a bit this year so my interpretation will be to visit areas of Las Vegas over the next twelve months that the typical tourist would not normally see unless they had friends or family who live here. Each month a different area. I will probably not shoot The Strip because it has been done to death. But I do expect to visit The Fremont Street Experience as well as the communities of Summerlin and Henderson, Old Las Vegas, Red Rock- my favorite place to hike- and my own community in North Las Vegas.

This January image was taken at Mount Charleston, about 20 miles northwest of The Strip. There is one hotel with a restaurant at the base of the mountain, and separate wooden cabins with a restaurant at the summit. There are numerous trails for hiking and a ski slope open during the winter.

During the summer, the mountain is normally 20 to 25 degrees cooler than the valley.

The Changing Seasons - a monthly photo challenge


29 thoughts on “January at Mt Charleston

  1. This year we happened to get a lot (for us) of snow in the higher elevations around the valley. The peak is over 7,000 feet so we do get snow up there. I went yesterday afternoon but by the time I got up there the sun was behind the mountain. Still, I got one or two good shots.


    1. There was no one there, it was great. Not too cold but as I was walking, I did manage to step into a fresh mound of snow and soaked my sock inside my shoe. Not too comfortable. But worth it!


    1. Well, it was meant to be part of your Changing Seasons challenge but between posting it and the following month, things got away from me and I have not been able to join in. But I will be watching you!


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