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Stillwell Avenue Elevated Subway Station Brooklyn NY December 12, 2015

Stillwell Avenue Elevated Subway Station
Coney Island Brooklyn NY
December 12, 2015

My mother died in 2001. My dad, 14 years later. He had always wanted to take my mother’s ashes back to Coney Island, where they had met when they were both teenagers. Just before Christmas of 2015, my wife and I traveled to New York to carry out his wishes.

We commingled their ashes and, on December 12, 2015, scattered them over the beach at Coney Island.

The photo above is for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Public Transportation.


39 thoughts on “Public Transportation

      1. My little sister died– horrifically, tragically. Your story reminded me of when I had to bury her and spent the afternoon running along a long 13 mile stretch of beach throwing starfish back into the sea~ something I felt I had just done with her… she was one of the most beautiful things in my life.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I doubt my memory was anywhere as difficult as yours. Both my parents died , basically, in their sleep. My thoughts are with you no matter how long ago it happened.


    1. I’m not quite sure what closure means. My dad was bed ridden and there was no way he was going to get better. So when he died it was more a relief that he would no longer suffer. But it sure did feel good to make his wish for my mother come true. And I knew they would want to be together.

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  2. My husband and I are having our ashes combined and scattered on a beach on Sanibel Island. Have been going there for years as a family. Funny story when we told our kids we wanted that my daughter said “Well how are we going to do that?” I laughed and said ” We aren’t going to be here to tell you, you’ll have to figure it out on your own”!


    1. Well, except for their flight reservations, there should be no problems. We got paperwork from the mortuary concerning the urns, we carried the paperwork on us but packed the urns in our checked suitcase. On the subway I had a bag that I carried them in. The beach wasn’t deserted but no one gave us a second look.

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      1. Haha! It’s often others who spot something that I hadn’t “seen” in how I composed or processed an image that suddenly makes sense. I think it’s partly that we do so much as artists subconsciously and also that we are working on our pieces up close. Standing back and looking at the overall feel can show the same image in a totally different light!

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  3. Well, all was well until today. Did you hear that inauguration speech? I never realized how bad everything has been for the last 8 years. But its going to stop here and now. The power is now back with the people. That is, if you believe the trumpster! 😣 And how are you two?


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