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Glendale NV January 8, 2017

Glendale NV
January 8, 2017

We took a ride yesterday just to get out of the house. Lynn had just had another operation on her foot (the 4th in 7 years) and was going stir crazy. So I packed her and the dog into the car and, with no particular destination, we ended up in Glendale NV, which has it’s own exit off the freeway, one gas station, one permanent home, and several mobile homes. That’s about it. But, of course, I had my camera with me and did find something to shoot! 🙂

The Girl That Dreams Awake has offered the word prompt “nature” this week. I offer this image in return! Such is nature in our part of the woods- or desert, as the case may be.


24 thoughts on “52 WEEKS PHOTO CHALLENGE: WEEK 22 : NATURE

    1. I’ve been working on a photobook for close to three years now. Only because we’re trying to make it a bit different. We have a prototype, but so far only about 60 pages. I’d like to get at least double that. No problem with photos, just with the commentary. Thanks, for the enthusiasm. I’ll let you know if I ever get close to publishing

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    1. Thanks, Mabel. Yes, she’s a fighter. Originally the doctor’s had told her she’d never be able to walk on anything but a flat surface again. But she has been hiking without a problem even before this final operation. At least we think it’s final.


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