Christmas Cheer

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Laura Macky of Laura Macky Photography has nothing better to do with her spare time then to host a challenge asking the question “What do you love about Christmas?” Love? Can we say “like”? Or maybe just “tolerate”?

For me, the obvious answer to this question is I love that Christmas comes only once a year. I am not a total Scrooge. But it is just too commercialized, what with Black Friday that now starts on Thanksgiving Thursday. And then there’s Cyber Monday. And Giving Tuesday which, you can bet, no one has money left over to donate to, if they even know about this day. So what represents Christmas for me?


Children. And the look on their faces. Of course, when I saw that there was still evidence of food on this cherub’s face, I couldn’t help but process the shot as if it were a Dickensian celebration. But this was shot in 2010 and I can attest to the fact that Jett is now much cleaner and much thinner. He is the youngest in his family and is a real clown; he craves attention. Somewhat like me. He is very much into basketball and Star Wars so it’s pretty easy to shop for him.


38 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. I think this image is so perfect for this question Emilio! Not only is it a FABULOUS image….but it’s so true. The wonder on children’s faces this time of year is priceless!! Thanks for participating.


  2. Christmas sales started in October here! Much, much too soon for my liking! I’m not to old to remember when Christmas sales didn’t begin until after Thanksgiving. I wish they still did that!

    Your image is very much in keeping with a Dickens Christmas! It’s a fabulous image, and I’m happy to read this lad is doing so well. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. I don’t think I have seen many portraits from you, Emilio. What a great photo and a wonderful treat for us! I hope we will see more 😉
    Happy Holidays… love it or not.


    1. Those beautiful, piercing eyes…. I tell you, we used to think something was wrong with him. Terribly shy and unwilling to talk or look anyone in the eye. And now you can’t shut him up. 🙂 I seem to love most celebrations when they’re all over. I didn’t even go to my company’s Christmas dinner this year. Told them I would be out of town!


  4. I’m with you Emilio I don’t dislike Christmas but I can’t wait until its over 🙂 Way too commercialized for me. The image you posted is superb and you should do more candid portraits. You seem to be a natural at it.

    PS My cheeks were once that chubby, but I don’t like to talk about things that happened two weeks ago 🙂


  5. Amazing photo, at first glance I thought this was an old photo taken in the early 1900’s. Unfortunately we have forgotten what Christmas is all about. It’s wonderful to do the shopping, send out cards, bake, spend time with friends and family but, Jesus is the reason. Merry Christmas!


  6. Wonderful shot and post-processing, Emilio. I’m a Christmas-lover, but one who tries to keep the holiday a holy-day and a time for sharing love, in a variety of forms, with family and friends. I’m not particularly creative or crafty, so I have to buy gifts (of make edible ones), but I have fun finding and sharing things. But we also share with people less blessed and that’s a big part of what makes the time special. Of course, as a Christian, I have a big Reason for the season. 🙂



  7. I like how you did the photo. I really enjoyed Christmas when my kids were young. This year, I asked my 14-year-old what he wanted and it was money and valuable rocks. Well, I don’t know what rocks are valuable and money isn’t happening so I found a couple practical things he probably won’t like, but that’s okay 🙂


  8. Love how you processed the photo!
    I think we are less commercialized here in my part of Canada. Or maybe our family is just less into Christmas as a time of gifts, and more into the season as a time to just be with family and friends. It makes for a very laid back, fun holiday!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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