Thursday Doors

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Somewhere outside of Kingman AZ off old Rte 66

Somewhere outside of Kingman AZ off old Rte 66

I have to start taking better notes as to where we are whenever I take out my camera. My wife doesn’t even remember ever seeing this house. Maybe I went alone? But, to be fair, this WAS shot over 10 months ago. And we’re old!

So, this is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors. And to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Entrances and Doors. Please visit both sites and and take your mind off what has transpired this week. 


58 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

      1. West works :))) not very many people call me Wendy— since Junior High when my Journalism ‘coach’ coined the name, which became a pen name and it stuck 🙂 …the 517 … that’s another story ~


  1. You’re just a whippersnapper, Emilio, so if your memory is already failing, it’s going to be a long life. 🙂 You can thank me for the encouragement later. But I see why you took a photo of the door. Have a great weekend. That start tomorrow, remember?



  2. Crawling out from under my virtual blanket of devastation to visit WP.
    and I’m glad I did as this image put a smile on my face. Love that red door!


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