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Well, it seems to me that this should be week 13, since last week was the 12th week. But M’s the boss. So until further notice I am going with her numbering system. Oh, wait, I get it. It’s like the 13th floor in an elevator. There isn’t one. OK, no problem. Anyway, my winter image:

Jenny Lake Grand Teton National Park WY November 13, 2012

Jenny Lake
Grand Teton National Park WY
November 13, 2012

I was going to complain about today’s prompt, as winter in Las Vegas looks pretty much like every other season. But I have to thank M because she forced me to go into my archives and find this image (actually 3 images merged together) which I might have otherwise continued to ignore. It was shot with my Canon t2i and the kit lens. Not bad for a beginner’s camera. If anyone is interested in the camera and assorted paraphernalia that goes along with it, let me know. I never use it anymore and I’d love to have someone get some use out of it.

And, as always, if you wish to join in, here’s what to do at The Girl That Dreams Awake:

1.Create a post entitled 52 weeks photo challenge :week (which week)-(the theme for the week)

2.Create a pingback to the challenge that week or leave the link to your post in the comments box of that week’s post

3.Tag the post ’52 weeks’


38 thoughts on “52 WEEKS PHOTO CHALLENGE: WEEK 14 – WINTER

    1. Lena, I don’t think I have to tell you warm snow would be nothing more than water! 🙂 But I do know what you mean. The entire image was blue and I had to fight to get the whites white and blacks black. Sort of like doing laundry, I guess.


  1. However you got the image, it looks lovely, Emilio. I have to admit that now that I’ve found out about all the editing that goes into some of the amazing photos I see, the more I a) wonder what the photo/s looked like originally, b) realize I do very little “real” editing, and c) mistrust much of what I see, although not always in a negative way. It’s an interesting world.



    1. I mistrust everything I see as a photo. But if you change your perspective (or definition) of photography, then you can accept it. I don’t know many people who are news photographers so I think their interpretation of a realistic landscape, lets say, might be more surreal than real. Whatever the case, I’m really tired of oversaturated images, even though I sometimes might indulge myself. We went to a photographic art gallery over the weekend and not one of the images was oversaturated or visibly manipulated. I think that’s the real art, processing an image to make it look real!

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      1. Processing to get to the real colors you saw and so forth, the way you mention, is great. But when I look at the colors of many of the photos for sale at art shows and galleries, I think there is no way that really what they saw! I don’t mean I label it as “bad”, but it does give me hope for my own photography. 🙂


        1. We all have hope. That’s what keeps me going! If you look online, everyone’s photo looks the same as everyone else’s. It seems over-saturation is in vogue right now. After what I saw Saturday night, I shall now practice restraint. Most of the time. 🙂

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  2. 1st of all this image is absolutely beautiful and deserves to be framed! 2nd omg 😲 you are absolutely rite it’s week 13 not 14 😭😭😭 let’s blame it on my twins shall we 😂😂😂


  3. Lovely photo, but I came here to admit that I was wrong: several months ago we wrote back and forth about Trump for a comment or two, where I said he was just a sideshow. I guess he’s not just a sideshow anymore. I will now withdraw from my extremely short and very little successful career as a political commentator and stick to photography. 😀

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