Cee’s Share Your World 2016: Week 43

Prompts and Challenges
Sunrise at Zion Mountain Ranch Mt. Carmel UT October 25, 2016

Sunrise at Zion Mountain Ranch
Mt. Carmel UT
October 25, 2016

What are you really glad you did yesterday? In a word? Survived. Lynn had this crazy idea that she wanted us to hike Angel’s Landing in Zion and I stupidly, said sure. Imagine being 1,400 feet up the side of a cliff holding on to a chain link rope with nothing but a sheer drop below you? I quit halfway up convinced I’d rather live. Not Lynn. She continued on, made it to the top and back, and then freaked out on the way home, shaking and not able to get warm. She is OK today but we are both sore in places we didn’t even know existed.

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels? Multiple levels with an elevator. Actually, Lynn would love to have one of those tiny houses but insists we need two bathrooms. I told her I could just go out back!

Have you done something you truly want to do today? Does waking up count? I live, I breathe, which are actually two things I truly wanted to do today.

What plans did you have as a teenager that didn’t happen? Are you happy it didn’t work out that way? Growing up in North Hollywood California, I wanted to be a famous actor. But I hated auditioning for school plays so I later majored in Theater Arts as a director. But, of course, I got sidetracked by life and never really regretted it.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I took Lynn on a mini vacation for her birthday.Well, while trying to check into the Zion Mountain Ranch, we found out that my debit card was declined. I do not use credit cards and had very little cash. So Lynn had to pay with her credit card for my birthday present to her. Our room and meals. Monday morning we spent the day in a Chase bank, where we found out I was a victim of Identity theft. Imagine if I had been traveling alone and found out I had no cash, no card, and no way of getting home? That certainly woke me up.

Thanks, Cee, for another group of fun questions!

Please check out Cee’s Share Your World for more answers to these earth shattering questions.


22 thoughts on “Cee’s Share Your World 2016: Week 43

  1. Wait! That first paragraph needs a blog post of this story own. Wow! On another point, didn’t know you grew up in LA. I can see that you’re a ham so an actor seems like a logical choice except for the probability of making a living. 😜


  2. I hope you get your identity back soon 😉

    All glibness aside, discovering you’re a victim of identity theft is not very funny. Hope you can sort it all out quickly with a minimum of aggravation.


    1. Thanks, Joanne. The aggravation started the moment I found out but then subsided after I sat with the bank officer for almost two hours. At least the bank returned any money that was removed from my account.


  3. Welcome to my world Emilio (being sore in places you didn’t even know existed) 🙂 Terry and i would love a tiny house also but we don’t like the loft style bedrooms. We would have to put a slide in instead of a ladder 🙂 Great post and I’m glad you took my advice in telling Lyne your debit card was declined. See how easy it is to get out of paying for anything ? Great post my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, PJ. Still working through the identity theft. Got to contact the credit bureaus and get a private P.O. box. They think someone has access to our current one as I have not been getting any mail lately.


        1. The bank is the one who suggested that as the perpetrators asked for a new debit card to be sent out- which the bank did but we never received. To our address. They also seem to have my social security number!


          1. Oh my gosh, Emilio, that is very frightening!! Once you get it straightened up I would suggest you get insurance to protect you from it happening again. I suggest, Lifelock. I sure hope they can catch who did this to you!

            Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s getting nastier by the minute. I’m amazed at all the info they have. We were waiting for a delivery and I called the company and they told me it was delivered to Florida where this Identity theft seems to have originated. We can’t figure out how this company was notified to send it there and the company can’t say how they got the address, only that it’s in their software.


  4. Oh yeah, I’ll take a multiple level with an elevator too. Maybe a real long elevator. Build a house in the woods with a room higher than the tree’s to get a bird’s eye view.


  5. How scary. You would think that the bank would query the address in Florida – the other side of America.
    As for houses – here in New Zealand we tend to have one story houses – I lived in London in a four story house in Nottinghill for a little while – never again. Just imagine being on the top floor and you have to run down the stairs for someone at the door! You wouldn’t need a gym – just going up and down those stairs would keep you fit.
    Great photo by the way


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