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The first Cadillac Elvis Presley ever bought was a 1954 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special Sedan. I’m not sure this is a ’54, a Special Sedan, a Series 60, or a Fleetwood. That would be for my friend Joe Giordano to tell us. What I can say with all certainty is that it is a Cadillac, and it is pink. Actually I remember it as being white, but the sunset made it look pink. Therefore, this is my pink submission to The Girl That Dreams Awake’s 52 Weeks Photo Challenge!


25 thoughts on “52 WEEKS PHOTO CHALLENGE:WEEK 8- PINK!

  1. This is an awesome image Emilio and you were oh so close in guessing the year 🙂 Its a 1953 Fleetwood Special 60. Really the only obvious difference between the 53 and the 54 at a glance is the grille.

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  2. I had a 56 Cadillac in green. It belonged to a friend who was killed when his homebuilt plane crashed. I don’t know what the series was. I drove it for a couple of years before I sold it to a friend who was a classic car freak. It was a seriously strange car to drive with technology that would have been really innovative in 1956. It had a big engine, terrible transmission, weird power steering, and it really sucked gas, but it had such a great set of tits on the front bumper, I felt really cool driving it.

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  3. This is a fantastic photo! Pastel pink I would say ? 🙂 and there u are I didn’t know Elvis first car was a Cadillac 🙂 always learning thank you for joining in 🙂

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  4. Beautiful car even though it is a bit old and freyd. We had a white cadillac 54 fleetwood that my dad imported from the states in the 70th’s when I was a young girl. Not a 60 special sedan though, but it had the original seats intact with the cadillac logo embroidered on the fabric. I loved that car.


          1. I don’t remember, but not too expensive I think. I think it got way more expensive just a couple of years later. But I remember that my dad had a couple of nervous week while it was shipped by sea over.

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