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Nelson NV October 29, 2011

Nelson NV
October 29, 2011

My favorite place any time, day or night, for photos is Nelson NV, a ghost town in El Dorado Canyon, less than one and a half hours from the Las Vegas strip. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 37. This shot was taken way back in October 2011 at about 4:30 in the afternoon. It had been an overcast day and we were there with family when the sun broke through and I wandered off on my own. With my camera!

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    1. Thanks, Janet. Happy Labor Day to you, too. We are just relaxing around the house. Well, I’m relaxing while my wife is staining cabinets in the other room. I offered to help but was told it is her way of relaxing. Fine with me. 🙂

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    1. Labor day and the entire weekend was lazy for me. Unfortunately, not for my wife, who decided she wanted to stain the bathroom cabinets and would not let me help. Now she hates how they turned out! I think they look great. She thinks I’m just being overly supportive.

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        1. She’s a stay at home wife so I guess she thought labor day was different for her. She shattered her heel almost 8 years ago now and the doctors at that time said she would never be able to walk again. Then they changed it o she would never be able to walk on anything but a flat surface. Last year she hiked up to Delicate Arch in Utah, almost leaving me in the dust. But she can’t stay on her feet for long. She had been a teacher.

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    1. We knew nothing about it, either, until I read an article in Las Vegas Weekly. We had passed there several times on the way to Laughlin and Arizona. Since then we have explored and found several interesting sites taking non-descript exits off the 15 and 95 freeways.


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