One Photo Focus – September

Prompts and Challenges

1PF 9-

I have no idea what I did. I just know that I like it! But then I liked the original image. But I always like Stacy’s images. She is one of the most consistently likable photographers out there!

So, I remember I first opened the image in Lightroom and processed it like I do all my images. Then I transferred it to On1, then Nik. There is a preset over the top half of the image. I added a blue tint to the water with a brush in Lightroom, then added orange highlights in the water and on the side of the boat to approximate the reflection of the sky.

Thanks to Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing for the image and for continuing to host this challenge even during her current move.


42 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – September

    1. I see I didn’t explain the challenge at all. Once a month Stacy at Visual Venturing gives us all the same photo to process. This is my interpretation. If you look at the original on her site, you will see the sky was colorless. That was all processing! 🙂


  1. well the orange is beautiful – and it does look like you took a photo at the perfect time of day – I also like the way the orange wanes near the bridge – giving us the depth more defined 😉


    1. Well, I didn’t take the photo. I should have lead off with that. And I should have probably posted the original because it looked to be quite an overcast, gray day. The orange was all layered in, including the tint around the bridge. But that makes your comment even more special. Thank you. 🙂

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          1. oh take your time peeking – mine is actually a bit silly -(aded some divers again this month) but I like being part of the challenge and watched you all do this for quite a while and in 2016 I finally joined in….

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      1. and I really try not to overdo the comments- ha! especially when I have time to pour into a few blogs like I do right now – but do you know what else your photo reminded me of? well the ship part reminded me of Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger – for some reason – the colors you brought out in the ship reminded me of what they would maybe use in an ad….
        but isn;t it amazing to see how different the edits and processing turn out for this ingle image….


          1. well I think it worked – there are others with some rich colors, but yours has that warm orange – and when i see Chris’ comment again – well it shows us how realistic you made this look – ok – enough from me…. ha!


              1. hah! you are funny – and for some reason – after visiting you this week I began thinking of the Culture Monk – remember him? well I have a little extra blog time this week and so I went and checked out his blog (now a website) and looks like he has gone in a new mode – and also wrote a book. Just thought I’d share that…. I know bloggers come and go – and then we pause and come back – and it is actually nice to get to know bloggers after a couple years – isn’t it?

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    1. Thanks, Charlie. When I was first starting with Lightroom I watched a lot of tutorials. There are some by Serge Ramelli that influenced me to often add highlights and turn lights on in processing! 🙂


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