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This shot was taken at Lake Las Vegas on July 5, 2011 at 8 pm with my Canon T2i. Lynn and I weren’t even married yet. Upon reflection, I remember the night was so hot that sweat was rolling into my eyes while I was trying to take the shot. The processing is a little over the top, but I still like it.

Anyone interested in acquiring a slightly used Canon T2i, please contact me as it has not been taken out of the bag since I purchased the Fuji X-T1.

This post is in response to the The Girl That Dreams Awake‘s current challenge.



      1. typo! sorry – I agreed with dawn that it was gorgeous – and it pulled me in from the reader –
        and I had to read my comment twice to even remember what it was “supposed” to say – but the word three was not supposed to be there –

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      2. ok E, it was supposed to be “tone” and “your”
        I sometime hate autocorrect and predictive features –
        it was supposed to say the rich warm TONR matched YOUR words –
        because when you noted how hot it was – the orange hue really warmed even more – such a cool shot


          1. wow – was it really!?? that is actually cool.
            and not sure if you saw Jason Bourne yet (not recommending it either – ha- because it was not the best) but I am curious as some point to see if you like the Vegas cs chase scene …..


            1. Not the best? I think it was the worst of all the Bourne movies. I remember commenting to my wife something that was not complimentary in the middle of the chase scene. So absurd. And when has the strip ever had so little traffic that you could drive faster than 25 miles an hour? And no pedestrians? There were just so many things wrong with that scene. Don’t get me started! 🙂

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              1. oh thanks for that – really – and I read somewhere that someone saw a car in the chase that had no driver – and they were wanting about the digital effects not being cleaned up.

                one of the core problems I see with he movie is that the two directors came in puffed up with the success of the trilogy (first three) that get played on TV all the time….
                but they forget to seek advice and feedback – and they did the writing on their own and really lacked insight – with story and obviously other things like what you noted about the Vegas mishaps.

                We are watching the new season of The Profit this month – and the directors should really peek at a few shows because the basics are explained – like people need to be in the right job and “do what you are good at” – and so when amazing directors try and do too much (like write) we all lose out.
                and absurd is a word I felt a few times… like with the quintessential hacker who talked with a scratchy voice and wore dark clothes…. seemed like they had a 4th grader add some ideas… lol
                have a nice day

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  1. I gave my Canon T3 to my granddaughter when I got my first Olympus PEN. I get into processing sometimes, but in the end, I’m never sure if the result is still photography or it’s something else. Also art, but … something else. Maybe we need a new name for manipulated images that begin with a photograph, but become something else. I like it.


  2. The bridge reminds me at the Ponte Vecchio in Firenze, Italy (Florence). I just sat down on my desk with a glass of wine and your post made me smile. So many great memories.

    As for the camera, I am interested..very interested. My husband and I just decided that we might give Colombus, Ohio a chance and that driving around taking photographs might be a good start.

    So far we have only one camera, so a second one might be perfect. Just let me know if it would be in my price range, please.

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    1. What is your price range? I’m not looking to make any money on the camera. It gave me some great times and great photos and still works fine as far as I know. Lake Las Vegas was designed specifically with the Ponte Vecchio in mind. Glad it made you smile. But maybe it was the wine?

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  3. This really is a gorgeous shot and I don’t think the post processing is over the top at all 🙂 I think it matches the mood of the image. Superb work my friend.


  4. I saw this somewhere … maybe as I was flying through FB?
    No matter where, I’m glad that I found it here and able to take a nice long look.
    The processing may be over the top, to use your words, but I really like the overall affect


  5. So very beautiful, Emilio!! 🙂 And I´m so sorry for not visiting your blog lately – I´ve been terribly busy with a new job and always felt too exhausted to sit at my PC afterwork 😦 Wish you a wonderful week! P.S. Did anyone buy your camera?? 😉


    1. Please don’t apologize for not visiting. I’m the worst! I’m at my pc all day and sneak in commenting during the day. When I get home at night I like to spend time with my wife. Anyway, only one person showed any interest in the camera but never followed up. So it’s still here if you know anyone who can get use out of it! 🙂 Hope the new job is good.

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      1. I totally get the rather spending time with your wife part! It’s the same for me though it’s a boyfriend and not a wife 😉 About the camera – sadly I don’t know anyone who could use it and anyway being in Germany the shipping costs etc would be quite high I guess 😉


                1. Here’s the list she gave me: Bavaria, Herrlingen, Vohringen, New Ulm. Says she loved Oberammergau, Black Forest, Zugspitze and Garmisch-Partenkirchen was gorgeous. All of King Ludwig’s castles- Neuschwanstein, Linderhof. And now she says she’s in the mood to go! 🙂

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