August One Photo Focus

Prompts and Challenges
London Eye Photography by Robin Kent Processing by Emilio Pasquale

London Eye
Photography by Robin Kent
Processing by Emilio Pasquale

The first Friday of each month is time for One Photo Focus, hosted by Stacy Fischer. Those who wish to participate should contact Stacy and she will send out next month’s photo two weeks before the time to post. To see what others have done with this photo, please visit Stacy’s website. And thanks to Robin Kent for providing a challenging image to work with.

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32 thoughts on “August One Photo Focus

    1. Thanks, Cee. I processed it the way I do most of mine but was not happy with it. Then I started playing around with whatever I could find. I do sort of like it but don’t know that I’d ever used the effect again.


  1. Wow, talking about creativity! I always thought there is something about you that is different from others (in a good way). Ha.
    I learned something today. Thank you.


    1. Thanks, Helen. The difference you speak of used to always get me into trouble in school. The educational system in the U.S. frowns upon “different”. They would prefer that all students be obedient and malleable.

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    1. Thanks, Cill. I’m guessing that you’re Cill. But you could be Chris. Anyway, this was an experiment, one I have not duplicated since. My work varies, I think, but I usually never post a photo straight out of the camera. I enjoy the editing as much as the shooting.


      1. Thanks for your reply. I will take a look at your other photos. I always process in lightroom, but as yet have not ventured to photoshop or another editing software. I think what I particularly like about your edit is that I struggle sometimes with editing “changing” a photo – but with your photo, you have made it into a piece of artwork in its own right, which incorporates, but is separate to, a simple photo. I hope that makes sense!


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