Castles In The Sand

At the Hotel Del Coronado July 22, 2016

At the Hotel Del Coronado
July 22, 2016


12 thoughts on “Castles In The Sand

  1. In all my years of attempted sand castles, I never got beyond the basic “pail-shaped” lump. Sometime, a sequential series of pail-shaped lumps. So … what is their secret? Do they add sacrete into the mix to harden it up? Inquiring minds are deeply suspicious that regular old beach sand will not hold that much detail without a secret substance to hold it firm. I’m such a cynic.


    1. Marilyn, I’m sure there is a secret. This person was a professional, I believe, because next to the castle was a pail (for contributions, perhaps, though the artist was nowhere around) and a notice saying he was available for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. In the past I have seen pail shaped lumps as well as a mermaid, which was beautifully sculpted like this one.


  2. You can imagine Emilio that here we see many ice sculptures. Whenever I see photos of these intricate sand castles I can’t imagine how it is possible. I could barely make a pail of sand stick together. Wow!


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