Share Your World – 2016 Week 29

Prompts and Challenges


Monochromia ThreeWhat is the perfect pizza? In my youth, there was no such thing as a bad pizza. I would even eat pizza from the supermarket. You know, the frozen type you get in a box with the face of that blue eyed Italian Paul Newman on the cover. Then I got older. Not wiser, just older. There is a local weekly magazine in town called Las Vegas Weekly and somewhere around 2006, they named the best neighborhood pizza place of the year. It was within 10 miles of where I lived at the time and it is truly a gustatory delight. Called Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana, it is…, well…, please read a very short description for yourself here. Our favorite is a margherita pizza with kalamata olives. We are actually going there tonight for Margherita Monday. All night their individual size margherita pizza is only $5.

What is your favorite time of day? In my youth, I used to like to go to bed late and sleep in on a weekend. Lately, I have been waking up around 5 am and it is just beautiful out. The sun rises around 5:30, the sky is slightly pink and the air is clean and the temperature bearable- around the low 80’s. And the quiet…. I just love getting up at that hour. Over this past weekend, while Lynn still slept, I took off on my own with my camera for a couple of hours. And by the time I got back home it was only around 10:30. It was great.

Show us two of your favorites photographs?  The photos can be from anytime in your life span.  Explain why they are your favorite. The two black and white images above are two of my favorite early posts, even though I feel my photography and processing have improved since then. The wooden cabin was a nothing shot until I converted it to black and white and then realized how important lighting is. The image of the plane was used to inaugurate the first ever Monochromia post. Both shots were taken in one of my favorite places around here- Nelson NV.

Complete this sentence:  I’m looking forward to…. Well, Lynn and I are planning to take a short trip to Fontanarosa Italy next year (where my family comes from) and we have been doing all kinds of research online. So I have to get my passport soon.  

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? It was a quiet week but I really enjoy my solo weekend trip with my camera. Not because I was solo but because of the serenity so early in the morning. In two days I am driving down to San Diego to meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen in about 3 years and then Lynn will join me on Saturday. 

So there you have it. Cee’s Share Your World. If you want to read more people’s answers- or write some of your own- please visit.




19 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2016 Week 29

    1. They don’t have bagels in Las Vegas. Not real bagels. They have these doughy things that more resemble a donut than a bagel. Give me your address, Marilyn, and I’ll send you a pizza from Settebello! 🙂


  1. I could do it finally and read your SYW. How was your Margherita Monday? I guess you will have a great time here (in Italy) 1 eating great food 2 taking photos everywhere. I love the first B&W photo you posted here, that of the old wooden hut. So now, it’s passport time! 😉


    1. I’m surprised that the place is not more crowded on Monday nights but I don’t think it’s advertised much. And Monday night is usually a slow night for restaurants here in the states. But the pizza was great. Afterwards we went to a movie. Italy= great food, great wine, great people (judging by my relatives)! Can’t wait. I’ve been carrying my birth certificate around with me for about 6 months now. But during the day I always forget to do it. I’ll probably wait for the last minute, knowing me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve visited Settebello site. Just the real traditional Italian pizzeria! With really selected ingredients. And then did you drink Illy coffee? That comes from Trieste, my region ‘capital’ city.


    1. Growing up, we lived within walking distance of our neighborhood Italian restaurant that served basic dishes and pasta. The main cook was this huge- not tall, but wide- guy who would sometimes come out to greet us. I don’t remember the pizza but I will never forget him!


  2. You know that I love it when you write, Emilio, and I enjoyed reading this post. And of course, I never tire of seeing that plane image.
    Nice post, Emilio!


  3. I just love to read your “share your world” 🙂 To Fontanarosa Italy next year, how exciting! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, Emilio!


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