This shot was taken in Goldfield NV on March 20, 2016. My first shot included another rusted car to the left but I chose to post this version instead because, as I was scrolling through my Reader on WordPress, I saw almost the exact same image from Mike of American Photo Blog. He had posted it two days ago so I don’t know if he visited Goldfield after, or before, me. It looks like it could have even been on the same day! My first impression was- of course- great minds think alike. But to get almost the exact same angle? Just amazing. And because of Mike, we visited Grafton this past weekend, which we never even knew existed. That image is here and looks nothing like his, probably because it is not the same structure, but another- just to the left of his.

Sidenote: This Goldfield shot is one of my wife’s favorites and was printed, matted, and framed and is now hanging in the hallway near our front door.


37 thoughts on “Goldfield

        1. Thanks. I guess that nails it down quite a bit. Funny you should mention the desaturation. I was/am aware of that. It was meant to convey the bleaching effects of the sun on most of what I shoot. But I was getting tired of it and was moving towards a more saturated look. Not overly so. I don’t want to look like everyone on 500px. Maybe I’ll have to rethink this.

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      1. Oh boy, now I am going to be in trouble.
        The light in the picture is surreal. Have you ever looked outside right before a hail storm? It’s not really dark, but not sunny either; it’s a bizarre in between.

        I love photography, however I feel that many of today’s pictures look surreal and perhaps that’s the goal. Photoshop and other programs are supposed to make pictures better, but they do often take reality away.

        I know you won’t like what I just wrote, but that’s how I look at it.

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        1. You have nothing to worry about with me. As long as you tell me you like what I’m doing, you can make suggestions or constructive criticism all night long. As for hail storms, funny you should mention that. I’m told we had a hail storm today but I knew nothing about it as I was in my office. But when I came out tonight to get into my car, the temperature had dropped to probably somewhere in the high 80’s.. It was beautiful. Anyway, I know exactly what you are saying about Photoshop and Lightroom and have been fighting that for years. Nice to hear I’m somewhat successful! (And I love what you wrote!)

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  1. This is a beautiful image Emilio I would have framed it also. You do have a unique recognizable style even though you don’t see it. I have a unique style also but I haven’t found it yet 😜

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  2. Emilio….please have more confidence in your wonderful work. :). I really enjoy what you do and always wonder how you did it.

    What a funny coincidence about this location!


    1. Never met him. I somehow saw his post on Grafton nd went looking for the place. Then, when I went back onto his sight to tell him, I saw his shot from Goldfield. His interests are so much like mine that we might have been separated at birth. I’m not sure.


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