Channeling Macky



I don’t have a mind of my own. Some might argue I don’t have a mind at all. My problem is that I see something and want to try it myself- an angle, a technique, whatever. My wife- have I mentioned her lately?- says there is nothing new in the world, we all imitate someone else but put our own spin on it. So here’s my spin on Laura Macky’s paint effects photos that I have been enjoying.

I also liked her message on the post Being Unique.


34 thoughts on “Channeling Macky

  1. I like this a lot Emilio…and I also like the fact that you are willing to try new things. I have to say, Laura’s work is an inspiration for me too.
    ~ Dave
    ps…I’m still trying to figure out my style too; not sure I ever will.

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  2. Love it! I admit that I have admired her works many times. I have yet been able to create a really impressive “painting” though to my dismay. And I agree with your wife, I feel like we all just recycle thoughts over and over. However, I suppose we thought that before cell phones and internet came out…and now that we have these tools, we have a new set of issues, thoughts and problems. Are they different thoughts though? Or just the same thoughts with different venues to spread them?

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    1. Thanks, Bren. All I did was process it the normal way, then over saturated the colors, then used an app that transforms it to a painting type effect. I also played around at each step until I liked it!


  3. Lovely watercolor look. I spent about a year making painterly pictures. Now, I do it sometimes when a picture seems to call for it … or more honestly, when the focus is soft and it’s my best shot at saving a picture I otherwise like a lot. But really, there’s so much more you can do with photographs now then even a few short years ago. It’s a new kind of art. Not entirely photographs anymore, but based on photography. And beautiful.

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    1. Thanks, Marilyn. It’s true, every week there’s a new photo app or technique. Hard to keep up. I have 3 different photo editing apps I use and swear I will not get anymore.


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