Oversize Color Load

Oversize Load

Oversize Load

Our plan was to stop at Zion on our way up to Lehi Utah and hike Angel’s Landing. But it was windy, rainy, and the sound of thunder echoed down the canyon walls. So we improvised and stretched our 5 hour drive to well over 12 hours by taking numerous exits off the I 15 and exploring. The above was one of the first places we found in Parowan UT, just north of Zion and Brian Head. What attracted me to this scene were the colors. Lynn no longer thinks I’m nuts but reserves her opinion until she sees the finished product.

She likes it! I hope you do, too. And please take a look at the black and white version on Monochromia.


25 thoughts on “Oversize Color Load

  1. i grew up in Brianhead 🙂 my uncle an 3 guys a started that place way back in like 1969 an built chalet village an Brianhead village etc etc ,,before it was considered a town, at one time i was one of 5 residents that lived there permanently in the summer…u bring back lotsa memories there…i groomed 30 miles of snomobile trails there through them hills for a long time also ..was fun now i am wolf creek coloroda area,,nothing as spectacular as standing on top of 11,307 at the top[ of the hill though huh! way kewlu got to see one of the most beautiful spots on planet earth in my opinion…ah but what do i know lol..thanks fer da memories 🙂 PS: the people of parowan Mostly mormons at da time called our little mountain “sin city” lol…. where druggies skiers an pervs hung out in thier eyes.lol


    1. Pervs? My kind of town! 🙂 We never made it to the hike this trip. Both on the way up and back there was heavy rain and wind. But we’re still planning it- probably not until autumn, though, when it starts to cool down. Your memories sound awesome.

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  2. PS; also waz a smart choice not to evr hike Zion when there are storms up top , a few have done dat that died up there many years ago…..is why zion is …actually in their language “devils” canyon……peace out happy travels.& take care! 🙂


  3. So, what did your wife think? (Lynn, right?). I very much like the colors!
    What I like even more is that your 5 hour drive turned into a 12 hour adventure. THAT is what it is all about, IMHO anyway


  4. Lynn loves it. She has been my most ardent supporter (she got me back into photography 7 years ago) and my harshest critic (only in the sense that when she says anything negative in the slightest, I crumble)! 😉 I’m glad she has a sturdy backside for these long day trips that we take. Coming back from that trip our 5 hour return was again extended to about twice the time. We left at 9 am and got home after 5 pm.


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