Canada Gas in Color


DSCF5319-HDRSo, in advance of our imminent emigration to Canada, (because, as any of you who know me also know I do not like Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton) we are on the road to investigate our new home country. Cordially invited by Sue and Dave Slaght of Travel Tales Of Life, (though I am sure they were only half serious and we did not confirm our actual arrival date) they will probably be in another country swinging off grapevines or whatever (read about some of the places they have been and some of the things they have done on their blog, as linked above). One bright, cold morning just before the sun rose over Mount Assiniboine we stopped just north of the American border to fill our gas tank. Imagine our surprise to discover that there was actually a market for Indian jewelry in Canada. And that it was wholesale to the public- begging the question who, then pays retail? And why are indians in Canada called Indians and not the more politically correct Native Canadians?

OK, some may call all the above an outright lie, but I do not lie. Prevaricate, maybe. But only a little. As you can see, there was a gas station, it was dawn, and the sign says wholesale to the public for “Indian Jewelry”. There is a mount in Canada called Assiniboine but it is nowhere near the American Canadian border. And Sue and Dave did offer their house to us but only until we found permanent lodgings of our own. What I failed to tell them is that Lynn hates the cold so I doubt we’ll really be moving to Canada. And the gas station? That was in Kingman Arizona.

Oh, and Sue, Dave, or any Canadian history buff; who the hell named a mountain Assiniboine? That’s a really asinine name!

For a more serious study of this image, in black and white, please visit Monochromia.


42 thoughts on “Canada Gas in Color

  1. the narrative about moving to Canada in light of the political status is just a story, but…for me I would love to live on either one of their coastlines. Great detail.


  2. We moved to Spain during the Clinton years. It was great to see all the political BS during those years from the other side of the world, while being foreigners who didn’t care about the local, Spanish politics.


  3. Emilio we have the extra room ready but do tell Lynn it just snowed for the past two days. Yes it’s late May. Still we usually have at least 2-3 warm months per year. 🙂

    As to Mt Assiniboine which is one of the most spectacular peaks in Canada here is the rational according to Wikipedia
    Mt. Assiniboine was named by George M. Dawson in 1885. When Dawson saw Mt. Assiniboine from Copper Mountain, he saw a plume of clouds trailing away from the top. This reminded him of the plumes of smoke emanating from the teepees of Assiniboine Indians

    All right then we shall await news of your arrival.


      1. Emilio the term Indians is no longer frequently used in Canada. Although at the Calgary Stampede the First Nations peoples still term the area they set up as Indian Village.


  4. Gorgeous photo Emilio, but I was a rather jealous that you’d rather go west to Sue and Dave rather than east to me.
    Yeah, I know they have mountains and endless gorgeous scenery to photograph, but we have ….
    Wait, maybe I’ll head west too. Meet you there 😊

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    1. Joanne, the only reason I didn’t mention you is that you didn’t automatically fling your doors wide open when you heard who might be our next president. But now that you’ve offered, we’ll spend 6 months with Sue and Dave, and then 6 with you. Just have to figure out the logistics. 😉 Anyone else in Canada or places outside the United States who would like houseguests from one week to one year, please drop me a line! 🙂 But one year will be the most we will visit- don’t want to overstay our welcome! 🙂


      1. Well, after Sue threw her invitation down, mine didn’t stand a change … especially with the experience on her side of handling the Syrian refugees.

        Now that I’ve said that, I better brush up on some skills for handling the needs of refugees too. There’s going to be a huge and sudden influx from the US!! You’ll just be the first wave of desperate people …


    1. Thanks, Laura. Mark Cuban is perfect. What the hell is going on in this country? It doesn’t matter what your position is, you can always change it. Which reminds me of something I saw. Let me go look it up…. Here, by Groucho Marx: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

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          1. So true. It’s so frustrating. So I’m in my own little cocoon over here with my pictures except my ballot came today and I wondered…..who do I vote for! Maybe I’ll write in my hubby’s name. 🙂

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  5. OH Yes! I don’t think anyone mentioned the Assiniboine bit, so I get to be my regular know-it-all self.

    The Assiniboine are an aboriginal nation from what is now Alberta, Saskatewhatchamacalit, Montana and North Dakota. The name is derived from french transliterations of the Ojibwe name for the Hohe, Lakota – I think is what they called themselves. So it’s a terrible mispronunciation of the name of a people that were known to Europeans before Europeans met them.

    Just another thing the French ruined, just like the pronunciation of Genghis Khan, It’s actually a ‘CH’ sound not a ‘G’ but the french don’t have a ‘CH’ sound and now we forever misname that guy. LOL

    Oh also, since you were wondering, Natives Canadians, if you’re looking to be PC are referred to as Aboriginal or First Nations.

    I wish I was in Arizona right now, though.

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    1. Thank you for the derivation of the name- which I now think is even worse than I did before. Yes, the French ruined a lot, but they also contributed a great amount of good. Like…, um…, wine and uh…, the can-can. Aboriginal sounds like a pejorative to me for some reason so I’ll stick with First Nations. Thanks, Devon!


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