What Doesn’t Kill You

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Delicate Arch

OK, everyone. So, my wife is trying to kill me. (What a great teaser for a movie!) So, I guess I owe you an explanation. Rather than bore you, I’ll get to the juicy details. No guarantee that the juicy details won’t bore you either, but I’ll try to be concise.

We were at Arches National Park, a place we had visited about 6 years ago. This time Lynn insisted we hike up to Delicate Arch. Let me quote the park’s website:

Delicate Arch

Starting Point: Wolfe Ranch parking area

Parking may be limited.

Length: 3 miles (4.8 km) round trip

Time: 2 to 3 hours

Elevation change: 480 feet (146 meters)

Take at least 1 quart (1 liter) of water per person! There is no shade. Open slickrock with some exposure to heights. The first half-mile is a wide, well-defined trail. Upon reaching the slickrock, follow the rock cairns. The trail climbs gradually and levels out toward the top of this rock face. Just before you get to Delicate Arch, the trail goes along a rock ledge for about 200 yards.

Lynn had been bugging me for several months that she wanted us to hike to the arch but I was always hesitant. After a year of poor health I have been trying to get back into shape at the local gym with a personal trainer. His training has not yet taken hold and I am still way too far out of shape. But Lynn insisted we could do anything if we just took it slowly and rested when we had to.

We started out easily enough, the trail being flat and well maintained for the first, oh, ten feet or so. Then it turned to gravel and rocks and sparse vegetation. That’s when I took my first rest. Lynn was a few steps ahead and didn’t realize I had stopped. It continued on this way for the first half mile or so along winding trails with loose gravel underfoot. Then a scramble over rocks and boulders to what is called slickrock which is, of course, slick. By this time I was wheezing and Lynn feared I was suffering a heart attack. But, to make a long story short (too late?) we made it to the top after I saw a young mother carrying her baby in a pouch against her stomach and the young father holding his two year old son by the hand. I looked at the kid and said, well, if he can do it, so can I!

And so we did.

Afterwards, Lynn said “I wanted to take you here and show you how beautiful it was. And you didn’t think you could do it. Aren’t you proud of yourself?”

My breath was whistling through my teeth as I answered in short bursts. “”I’ll feel. Better. After I. Throw up!”

Later, on the way back to our hotel, Lynn asked, “Haven’t you ever wanted to take me somewhere to show me something?”

“Yes,” I answered.


I hesitated for a moment. “”The bedroom.”

She laughed. “You already have. And there was nothing to see.”

I tell you, my wife kills me.


57 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You

      1. I was unable to make it there. I think my husband has been there. We also did another hike while we were in Arches that scared the shnykeys out of me. As much as I LOVE that place the hikes were challenging for me with a slight fear of heights.


          1. YES. We did go there. It was super out of the way but worth it. Unusual and great formations, huh? Sometime around when I was there is when that dumb Boy Scout Leader filmed himself and his friend pushing over the hoodoos. Do you remember hearing about that. Heartbreaking after visiting that cool and unusual place.


            1. Funny but I just rewatched that video last night and only just realized it was Goblin Valley . When I first saw it I was incensed, but I had no idea where it happened. The even more interesting part is that 4 years previous to him vandalizing Goblin, he was in a car accident and had been collecting disability. Then, one week before the video, he filed court papers suing the girl who had been driving at the time.

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      1. Funny wife 😀 I really do like your image. Sorry you think it’s a fail. Will look forward to the next one then at some point?!
        Stunning scenery Emilio!


  1. This is a amazing image Emilio and it looks like it was well worth the hike 🙂 I’m so out of shape I pulled a muscle in my ass just crossing my legs, LOL. To be honest I was expecting some nail biting story about your wife stepping on your fingers as you were clinging on to the edge of a cliff. But your story works just fine also 🙂


    1. There was a lot more but it was too long so I cut it drastically. That punch line is true, though. Knowing Lynn, I was surprised that she said it. But it was funny. And you pulling a muscle in your ass? Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight!


    1. Thanks, Michael. I was so excited to have made it that I did not take my time on shooting. So I might have to go back one day to get a better shot. I don’t like how I cut the bottom of the photo. Oh, and the story is true.


    1. Thanks, Julz. I think you called me pathetic in there! 😉 You’re right, though. All the wheezing and panting and complaining and crying like a little girl (sorry little girls) doesn’t matter when you actually make it. I now have bragging rights and you should have seen me strutting my stuff on the way down!

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        1. My wife is definitely tougher than me. She shattered her heel 5 years ago and the doctors didn’t think she’d be able to walk on anything but a flat surface for the rest of her life. And now she out hikes me!

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    1. I remember hiking when I was around 8 or so. I hated it because it was merely a learning experience, not for fun. I think you really have to mix the two with young kids. But look at me talking. Ha!


  2. Great Photo! We were at Arches at the beginning of May, but only did the shorter walks to Sand Dune, Skyline, Pine Tree, Tunnel and Landscape Arches. It was our first time at Arches, but certainly won’t be our last!


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