A Visual Art


untitled shoot--4

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves. ~~ Julia Morgan


19 thoughts on “A Visual Art

      1. Hehe. It was the name of the avatar my son and I invented for me in his PS2 skate game. I wanted to be a kind of cool skating granny with grey hair and a tweed skirt, crocodile handbag, etc. The game (strangely) didn’t support my hair/wardrobe choices, and so the avatar was never really born. That was about the same time I started blogging, so the name was in my head, and I thought it suited my vision for the blog — which at the time was that I’d write about being 50 in a world where I still felt (and feel) about 23. 🙂


  1. That’s an impressive piece of architecture.

    If you have a moment, could you tell me (you can email me privately if you like … I’m sure you’ve got it somewhere in one of my comments!) which of the Topaz filter sets you own? I’m thinking of getting one more set. I’ve got deNoise, Clean, and the huge (and I’m less than thrilled with it) Textures. I’m trying to get input from users I trust on which ones might be worth the price!


    1. I bought a set of 8 or 9 at the last Photoshop World in Las Vegas last year and it took me forever to get a bit comfortable with any of them. It is really overkill with the same presets in different filter sets. But I do like restyle. Except you really have to play with the sliders when you use one of the presets as they are all oversaturated. I’ve also used Clarify to sharpen my images. I like lightroom’s noise reduction better than Topaz Denoise. Simplify is not worth it unless you want to achieve paint effects or smooth edges, but there are others on the market that do a better job, I’m sure. As for any of the others I have, I don’t really use them- they would be Remask, Clean, and I think there might be one or two more. I’ll check tonight. But the one I’m using the most of would be Restyle.


      1. Thanks. I use Clean a lot, deNoise some, and textures hardly at all. The OnOne sets didn’t agree with my computer and they gave me my money back. They just wouldn’t run without crashing. I think there was some kind of interference with another app, but we never figured out what it was. I have the NIK filters and I use them a lot. And they keep updating them, so they were one of the better purchases.

        Thanks for your feedback. I felt downright ripped off by Texture Effects. Totally not worth it and poorly designed/hard to use.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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