West 45th

The Theater District

West 45th Street, The Theater District, New York City

OK, another image of my dad’s. I just went through what I have on my laptop and it looks like he was really busy when he was in New York last December. And I’m sort of jealous. He’s got some good stuff here. I think it’s the camera. I mean, the guy hasn’t done any serious photography since I was an idea! And the story I get is that I wasn’t even his idea but my mom’s.

Lucky for me she used to be able to get him to do whatever she wanted! That’s all I’m saying.

(This post is for steveo who wanted to see more of my father’s images.)


31 thoughts on “West 45th

      1. OMG I’m cackling like a witch here LOL!! Sorry Emilio. I totally thought this was taken many years ago and that your dad was now just sitting in a rocking chair with you waiting on him hand and foot lol. Just kidding!! But sorry anyway. 😛


        1. You’re confusing my dad with my grandfather. I used to wait on my grandfather hand and foot while he sat in his recliner. My dad still gets around pretty good- though he’s always complaining about aches and pains!

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  1. Thanks Emilio. And thanks Dad! Dad still has an eye for a great photo. It’s like riding a bike. once we know how, we never forget. I can see Dad now, braced against a lamp post to steady the camera for the slow shutter speed. Old school rules!


  2. Or maybe your dad just has a really good eye? Garry picked up a camera and started to take really good pictures from the first day. He needed a little technical support, but he has a killer eye. I also just started taking good pictures. Probably so did you. So maybe you got it from you dad and he’s the original 🙂 One way or t’other, that’s a great picture of the theater district in NY.


  3. It’s in the genes. I did photography seriously about 20 odd years ago. The children came along and it was the usual boring and embarrassing photos of childhood. Then about 3 years ago I picked it up again and the rest is history. I didn’t need any help with composition etc. It just came naturally.Same with your Dad and with you. Love this


    1. Thanks, Raewyn. The info I get from him is that he was into photography but when I was born, home vcr’s and video cameras were becoming the vogue. We have tons of videos that we can no longer play and very few photos during that time. He will now occasionaly borrow one of my cameras and I’m dropping hints that he should buy his own.


  4. this is really beautiful work. 🙂

    PS -kindly reconnect with me by following my blog. My old blog address isn’t working anymore. thanks. 🙂


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