Cee’s Share Your World – 2016 Week

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Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas NV

It is once again time for Cee’s Share Your World Challenge which is more of a prompt than an actual challenge. As always, the photo above has nothing to do with any of the questions or responses but has been posted in case you are bored with my answers- in which case you will have something to look at!

If you had to have your vision corrected would you rather: glasses or contacts?  Or what do you use if you need to have your vision corrected? I have had my vision corrected. With glasses. I could not imagine putting anything into my eyes. I even have a problem with eyedrops. And anyway, people look so much smarter in glasses. So that helps. Plus, when I wear glasses, no one knows me when I take them off. It’s like one minute I’m at the party and the next minute, I take off my glasses and I disappear. Too bad that Superman gig is already taken.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be? Come on, Cee, who makes up these questions. You? Oh, OK. I’ll play. My day as a traffic signal. Just standing around. Not doing much of anything. People ignoring me. Sort of like my actual existence. I think, instead of a STOP sign, tomorrow I’d like to be a SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY sign. Slow children could get hurt easily and, at least this way I’d feel like I was being helpful.

Was school easy or difficult for you? How so? School was very easy for me. How so? because I am just too damn smart for my own good. Did I say that out loud? Sorry. I have no idea why it was easy for me. It’s not like I got straight A’s all the time- only one semester was I able to. I think the teachers just felt sorry for me, the little skinny kid wearing glasses in the front row all the time.

Would you rather take a 1 or 2 week vacation with an organized tour or take a cruise of your choice? Oh, this one is easy. Neither. Lynn and I are pretty spont people and hate to have specific plans. In fact, her sister just sent us an itinerary for their vacation in May. We were going to join them but everything was so spelled out for every minute of the day and night, including bathroom breaks. So, we told them we would meet up with them at their first stop- which will be Zion (2 hours away from us) and then spend the weekend with them on their last 2 days at Sedone (about 4 1/2 hours away).

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Grateful? I’m grateful that Lynn has landed safely in Beijing. She left Saturday at 3 am and I took her to the airport. What am I looking forward to in the week coming up? Playing at being a bachelor again and not coming home straight from work. Not that she has ever expected or demanded me to come straight home from work but this evening I went to a movie all by myself and even had popcorn! And next weekend I plan on doing some painting around here and maybe setting up a veggie and herb garden in the backyard. Of course, both are to surprise her upon her return.


27 thoughts on “Cee’s Share Your World – 2016 Week

  1. Ahh you are such a good husband, Emilio, having a herb/veggie garden for Lynn when she gets back from her trip. I can just picture you at the movies stuffing yourself with popcorn! LOL! Okay, not fair. I love popcorn! I would be stuffing myself too.


    1. Well, the veggie garden may not happen unless I can find a raised bed that is pre-made. I can’t find my tools now that we’ve moved! I found a small window box for herbs, though.


    1. Do you mean my vacation from my wife? Where I go to work every day and eat alone at night? And sleep alone? Yeah. Great! And I miss her. She sent photos of the Great Wall and now I wish I had gone. Who knew I’d want to travel halfway around the world to stare at a wall. And no grafitti!

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  2. I wore contacts for a few years – too expensive when I lost one, not to mention all the gear I needed – storage for over night, and the solutions etc. Now it is glasses. Next pair I get will be big and loud.


    1. Used to be. It’s mostly deserted except for maybe a third of the stores and maybe 4 restaurants are still open. I’ll get back one of these days (this image was taken last year).


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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