A Simple Life

Shoshone CA

Shoshone CA

I was on my own last Saturday and took off for Death Valley to see the last of the super bloom desert flowers. Problem is, I left the house with only half a tank of gas. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I started to get a bit worried as I watched the gas needle slowly dip towards empty. No other cars and no cell service. I reached the town of Tecopa, NV and stopped in front of a local micro brewery where a woman was unlocking the storefront. She directed me to Shoshone, where the gas would be close to $5.00 a gallon “because it’s in California, but only about 5 miles away. Or you could go to Pahrump where it will be a little over $2, but that’s about 30 miles away,” she said. So I stopped at Shoshone and found this rather uninspiring view that somehow inspired me. Directly across the street from the gas station. Nothing special here- in keeping with the mood of the scene; a straight on shot in JPG that I added a slight paint effect to. You can see the effect in the bushes in mid frame as well as in some of the mountains.

And I never made it to Death Valley.

I will be on my own, again, next week but have learned my lesson. A full tank of gas and lots of water. Maybe I’ll stop at Death Valley Brewery again!

Joe, Laurie, Patti, Stacey, and any other thirsty beer drinkers among you, I’ll be there waiting!


34 thoughts on “A Simple Life

  1. I think you are going to have to start without me Emilio I’m busy this weekend 😀 I really love this shot the depth of field is so great. Is that really a railroad crossing or a novelty in the yard, I don’t see any tracks.


    1. Joe, you’re such a stickler. When did you become so unimaginative. This was the centermost point of the southwestern B & O Railroad in the late 1870’s. Cowboys would sell their cattle here to be transported by train to slaughterhouses back east. It was a thriving metropolis. (Not capitol M Metropolis where Superman lives, just a lousy, small m metropolis.) And you just want to ruin that because you don’t see any tracks. This is why the town is now inhabited mostly by ghosts. With a gas station, a small cafe, and a visitor center. And a sheriff, whose office was behind the cafe and closed on weekends. I know. It doesn’t make any sense. A sheriff’s office closed on weekends.

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    1. That’s what’s nice about being out on your own, you don’t have to explain yourself. I was just not in the mood to drive to Pahrump. I was there, and they had a clean bathroom! 🙂


    1. Janet, I had no idea you are a beer drinker, otherwise I would have mentioned you by name. You look more like a tea drinker. 🙂 I don’t mean that as anything but a compliment. I like tea. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Marilyn. I like it and liked Shoshone, though there was not much to see. But when I pulled up to the gas station there were about ten motorcycles lined up for gas. It’s got to be great this time of year riding a bike in the desert!


  2. I like the shot, too. I just have to ask: Does your wife usually fill up your gas tank for you? In our house, my husband does the work and he does it so well that I usually don’t check gas tank before driving 😉


    1. Funny! My wife does a lot, but the gas? She won’t fill up her car unless the warning light goes on. I would never let mine go below a quarter tank but she would make fun of me. So I think I was subconsciously showing her, even though she wasn’t with me.


  3. Your story fits this image perfectly. Glad you didn’t run out of gas …
    I’ve had that same worry, riding along in the middle of nowhere, realizing that I might not make it home.


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