The Changing Seasons – March

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March in Calico Basin

March in Calico Basin

So, I’ve committed a year of my life to Cardinal Guzman’s challenge, The Changing Seasons. His rules are below, which I have amended to fit my needs. And since he did not complain, I hope you will not, either.

This image was shot just 3 days ago on my way home from work. It is a jpeg shot with the Fuji X-T1 and in-camera Classic Chrome film simulation.

The Bureau of Land Management’s website states: Red Rock Canyon is located 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip….  The area is visited by more than two million people each year.  In marked contrast to a town geared to entertainment and gaming, Red Rock offers enticements of a different nature including a 13-mile scenic drive, miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, road biking, picnic areas, nature observing and visitor center…. 

Calico Basin (where all my photos for this challenge will be taken) is one mile east of Red Rock Canyon, 16 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. Red Rock has always been my favorite place to hike in Las Vegas, better than Mt. Charleston and Valley Of Fire. I enjoy the different microclimates in the park and often go there to revitalize myself when necessary. Calico Basin was discovered on a company picnic one year.

As for Cardinal Guzman’s challenge:

These were/are the rules (The Changing Seasons V1):

  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
  • Each month, post 5-20 photos in a gallery.
  • Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

Here are the rules for the new, updated version of The Changing Seasons (The Changing Seasons V2):

  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
  • Each month, post one photo (recipe, painting, drawing, whatever) that represents your interpretation of the month.
  • Don’t use archive stuff. Only new material!

I have added a slideshow which will include all photos to date (see below). But since that can not be viewed on phones- as far as I know, and why are you looking at photos on your phone?- I have also added a gallery of stills. All feedback- good or bad- is welcome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


34 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – March

  1. Thanks, Julz. Since you’re my first comment, it IS just you! 🙂 But I’m not sure I’m understanding. Is there some way you could illustrate? Take my image, if you have the time? Is it just a matter of repositioning myself? Or re-cropping the image?

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  2. I am so interested in this challenge. I enjoy seeing others photos of their area over the course of a year. You live in a special part of Las Vegas for sure. We have a photograph of my son when he was about 8 months old from Red Rocks that I love. He is sitting on the edge of the rocks looking out at the valley with the sun just setting. Looks like we left him there to ponder life 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of these posts, I can really tell from your images you have respect and appreciation for this area.


  3. Nice entry, but it’s true what you said: the seasons doesn’t change much. I can almost hear the rattle snakes and guitar music in the background. Guys getting ready for an old fashioned Western shoot out.


    1. Sorry to “burst your bubble” but I’ve been here 17 years and have yet to hear a rattlesnake. Or see one. I have seen a scorpion, though! As for background music, you can get guitar, or piano, or a full orchestra any night of the week in any of the casinos on the strip. No Western shoot outs, though. 🙂


  4. What a fun challenge, that would never work for me though. I am never in the same place all year. Great shots though, I have wanted to visit Red Rocks. Did you not go to Death Valley? I was hoping for some shots from there.


    1. You could do something like it, though. Take a photo evry 20th of the month wherever you are and post the differences in terrain and weather. It might be fun. But you pretty much do that anyway. And yes, I did get to Death Valley. You must have missed that post. Try this link: I’m going back this weekend to see if there are still any superblooms left.


  5. Some locales change a lot more than others. New England is one such. Between our summer and our winter … well … not to be too punny, but polar opposites. It’s the magic of living here and also the Hell of it!


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