Collaboration With Robin #5

Prompts and Challenges
Original image by Emilio

Original image by Emilio

From time to time, Robyn of Captivate Me and me of Photos By Emilio, collaborate on a single image to see what the other person comes up with. Both of us being somewhat artistic and relatively fluent with our native language are unable to come up with a better title than “Collaboration With….” So here is our 5th attempt. A photo I took one rainy evening on my way home from work. Let me give you as much info as I gave Robyn when I first sent this image to her:

I have an image I shot last night that didn’t come out as I had planned but, hopefully, will work. On my way home about 6 pm it looked like the rain was really coming down over the mountains. You could see very low, misty clouds hugging the mountain tops. So I headed off in that direction towards a place called Red Rock Canyon to the west. By the time I got there, the clouds had gone. So had the rain. But it was windy and cold. I set the Fuji X-T1 on a mini tripod on the hood of my car. The iso was 6400. Most of the shots were unusable but this one I kinda like. I’ve attached a jpeg copy. The RAW will be sent separately from my dropbox account. I’ll be using the RAW.

OK, so what I forgot to take into account was that I’d have to process the same shot. This one was not easy for me and presented quite a few problems that I think Robyn addressed perfectly. First, the focus was soft. The lights from the window of the main house were a bit overexposed and flaring, and the biggest problem of all, the night sky was illuminated by the lights of the Las Vegas Strip- which made the clouds appear very strange. I also found elements in the original that bothered me, like the car at the bottom of the frame and the lights that bordered the dirt driveway. I removed a lot of distractions. Anyway, above is the original out of camera, then my version below, followed by Robyn’s. After all three is a slideshow to compare one right after the other. Please go visit Robyn’s post and read what she has to say about her work. Hope you enjoy

Processing By Emilio

Processing By Emilio


Processing by Robyn

Processing by Robyn


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29 thoughts on “Collaboration With Robin #5

    1. I think you’re talking about the original shot before processing. It’s funny but the sky is what bothered me a lot! And that’s what you like.:) That should be a lesson to me not to obsess over my images! Thank you!


  1. Nice photos! I think at first my favorite is the one with the brighter light coming from the house but on second look, I also really like the one that shows the house to the front a little more. Both are beautiful photos!

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  2. Interesting work from both of you – what a fun idea! I always think I would like to keep several copies – which one I like best is depending on my own mood for the day.

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    1. It has been fun, and I hope Robyn wants to continue. Every time I look at one of my images that I’ve processed I want to go back in to see what else I’ve learned since. What an evolution in learning! I love it.

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      1. Back again and I’m enjoying reading your comments here 🙂 I love these collaborations Emilio and I look forward to the next one.
        I really like your sky! It definitely has the look of a cold crisp evening.
        Mine is a softer version and as I mentioned in our emails – my inspiration for the sky was taken from the landscape I see, where the sunset reflects right through the clouds lighting up the sky and landscape. A different point of view 🙂
        So enjoyable, seeing the different ways we can approach one image, even with a history. Yep definitely enjoyable!


  3. There’s a lot of art in the processing. I’m just really beginning to enjoy this part of photography. Probably it’s all these wonderful Topaz filters I’ve finally acquired. Each one gives me another way to treat a photograph. I like all the different versions of the picture. I like the one with all the element in there, cars and all … but I also like the one where you removed them. I spend almost all afternoon yesterday trying to achieve a similar effect, but eventually, gave up. I could not make the picture come out the way I saw it in my head. Maybe I’ll make another go of it today. I just couldn’t make the color behave. Everything seems to go purple or green.


  4. There is a bravery in sharing an image, knowing that someone else may make “your” image even better as “their” image.
    In finally finding time to catch up on WP, I see you have collaborated with a writer and a photographer. Pretty cool, Emilio!


    1. Thanks, Laurie. The writer one is easy. I just give Janna one of my images and she does all the work. The photographer one isn’t brave at all. It’s fun to see what someone else will do. Of course, sometimes I get a bit jealous but it’s usually fun. Anytime you want to try, let me know.


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