I Ain’t Eatin’

North Las Vegas Pig Farm

R. C. Farms, Inc. Fuji X-t1 jpeg with Classic Chrome in-camera film simulation

“Anything that got to do with a pig, I ain’t eatin’.” ~~ Ice Cube

From a FOX 5 news report dated March 7, 2016:
 A North Las Vegas pig farm famous for recycling leftover casino buffet food is soon going up for auction.
City officials scheduled a news conference Monday to announce the development, which is expected to boost property values in the surrounding residential neighborhoods. The farm predates many of the homes nearby but spurs frequent complaints for its foul odors.
The development comes as the city builds a bridge and expands roads in the area of the farm. Its owner plans to move the operation to a quieter area north of the current location and closer to a landfill.
City officials say the starting bid for the 153-acre farm will be about $31 million. The auction is set for June, although the move and site cleanup are expected to take three years.

20 thoughts on “I Ain’t Eatin’

  1. What caught my attention was the comment “recycling leftover casino buffet food”. I often wonder about all the food waste in the restaurant business … especially buffets.
    You know where I’m going with it, so I’ll leave it unsaid.


      1. oh sorry – it’s just an opinion I have that buffets are typically an obscene amount of food that encourages people to overeat and / or waste food.
        I understand that selling overages to pig farms is a great solution for off-loading excess food that cannot be used, but it makes my heart sick when I think about all the people who are in need.


        1. You’re right. We never go to buffets because- and now it seems too obvious- everyone makes a pig out of themselves. Including me! There are many hotels around that donate unused food to places like Three Square and Second Harvest and City Harvest. In fact, I just read that Starbuck’s, of all places, will donate all their unused food to local food banks. That might only be in San Francisco, though.

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          1. We stopped going to a local buffet after one particular incident. The table beside us completely grossed us out.
            The amount of food they both consumed and wasted was disgusting.
            It became a distraction and we’ve avoided buffets ever since.


            1. The food is never really that good anyway. Luke warm, sometimes soggy. And, yes, the tendency for some to make pigs of themselves is disgusting and distracting. My grandparents loved to go, but neither of them would eat very much so it definitely was not cost effective for them.

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  2. Oh yeah this place looks like it stinks to high heaven Emilio. Great shot and I love the CC film emulation. Do you know what happened when the farmer blew up the pig pen ? Swine flew 🙂

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  3. Having grown up on a pig farm I’m not a pork eater either. Leftover casino food you say. Our pigs never had such luxury. I had no idea that was how the food might be used.
    On another note we will be in your neck of the woods early in the week. If you have any free time drop us a note at traveltalesoflife@gmail.com No worries at all if it doesn’t work.


  4. hmm If I look at it from the pigs view point, the food is being used finely… if i see it by a homeless looking for a food I feel sad… Animals Vs humans.. Whose life is important.. Well, got to think. thanks for the food for my thoughts.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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