Que Hoe

Prompts and Challenges
Cathedral Canyon CA

Cathedral Canyon CA

OK, so I threw the gauntlet down at Janna’s feet. That’s Janna of Janna T Writes. And I asked her to come up with a story inspired by this photo I shot in January. All I told her was that the writing on the stone said:







I also gave her a link to the back story of Que Hoe, thinking she might use that as her story. But Janna’s too imaginative for that. She came up with a different angle that I love. Please take the time to go read her story.


9 thoughts on “Que Hoe

  1. Thanks for another opportunity to write for one of your photos. When you’re famous, I can say I knew you when…., haha. I did read the back story and was intrigued by the movement of the remains before they found a final resting place. I considered using that for story basis but I wasn’t feeling it. Great photo though (as usual). Oh, and thanks for your comments on the story… it helped.


  2. What an incredible image, Emilio! I read Janna’s story. The first sentence had me hooked.
    I tried to find more information about Que Hoe. Can you share any info you have?


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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