Wall To Wall Awards


Barstow To Ludlow-

“My new house is going to have wall-to-wall awards!”

~~ Patsy Cline

OK, as most of you know, we are moving this weekend. Well, some of you know, right? Joe? Laura?

Anyway, we are moving this weekend so this post has been pre-scheduled. I’m not really here right now. Some might argue I’m not all here at the best of times but that’s another topic. So, I’m not here right now. I’m at our old house patching holes in walls and cleaning the muck that always seems to find a home in bathroom showers. At least, that’s where I am if everything goes to plan. And “the little woman” is off doing what she’s best at doing, ordering men around! She is at the new house telling the movers where everything goes. But do me a favor. Do not repeat that I called her “the little woman”. Ever! It’s not because that is so demeaning to women, which it is, but that she hates being short. Little. Every morning she stretches her arms above her head, I grab them, and pull in hopes that we can make her taller. Actually I sort of like the height she’s at. Just under 5′ 5″, which we heard is the delineation between a short and a tall woman. But where was I? Oh, yes, the move.

I’ve been trying to keep this blog going by posting when I’m at work. When I get home at night, we have dinner, then pack more stuff. It’s unbelievable how much “stuff” one accumulates in a lifetime- or in our case, in the last 4 years together. Before that, I had my stuff and she had hers. Now we have ours. So we are trying to rid ourselves of duplicates and things we never use anymore, like the slow cooker and hair dryer I used to own. And how come its mostly my stuff we are ridding ourselves of? I don’t get it.

But that Patsy Cline quote up there? Right under that photo of mine? That’s what I plan to have in our new home. Wall to wall awards. In my den- yes, I get a den this time. Except my awards will be wall to wall photos. My photos.

All professionally matted and framed. Except for the ones on canvas. Or on metal!


38 thoughts on “Wall To Wall Awards

  1. I hope “the little woman” does not have internet access or “the little woman” might find out you referred to her as “the little woman”. But your secret’s safe with me. I won’t tell “the little woman”.


    1. Thanks, Janna. I had to, finally, collapse last night and went to bed while Lynn stayed up and worked on getting unpacked and putting things where she wants them. What a transformation I woke up to this morning! It was beautiful. Your move was compounded by everything else going on in your life so I would think it will take longer for you to recover.


    1. Thanks, Joanne! Smoothly and move are two words that, I have realized, can never coexist within the same sentence. But at least it is – almost- done! Just going back this evening for little things! I’m letting my wife pick what she wants on the walls.

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  2. That is wonderful that you get a den this time and you get to put all your beautiful photos on the walls. I bet the ones that are on canvas are beautiful! Well, I feel a little silly talking to someone who isn’t there! LOL


    1. Thanks, PJ. Actually my wife surprised me by stating she wants my artwork all over the house. So I am letting her pick images and sizes and where she wants them.Too bad she’s not paying. But it’s the confirmation that she likes me. She really likes me. (Or, at least, she likes my work!)


    1. Sue, it was a witch with a B! We started Friday night after work and stopped at 10:30. On the way back home, I stopped for a pizza and didn’t get to bed till 2, then up at 6 on Saturday. We finally finished most of the move last night around 8:30. Going back to the old house for last minute stuff (tools, food, etc.) and then lots of cleaning as it is being listed for sale tomorrow.

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  3. Love this shot Emilio, it’s how I feel more than some of the time! Have fun decorating your walls and what a lucky man you are to have the support of such a good woman which in turn makes her a lucky woman and so the cycle continues . . .!


  4. Wonderful photograph!! I just moved in mid-February — no fun. Hopefully you’re almost unpacked and getting settled in by now. “Little woman…” 😀 I WISH I was 5’5 … but I’m barely 5’1 — and most of my friends would say that was/is my wishful thinking… oh well.


  5. Oh, Emilio, how I envy you that you’re out of your old house and into your new one. I know a lot of work still lies ahead, but I’m still very much in the process of cleaning out my house. Now, we’ve been here 20 years and have the belongings and assorted whatnots of three children, so the past three months have been exhausting (punctuated by a 17-day trip to my elderly parents’ to help out there). The painters arrived Friday morning, three days ahead of schedule, and I had to go into hyperdrive after a week of superdrive already. Made yet another run to the dump today, and stuff still keeps coming out of the house. If I make it through without a nervous breakdown, well, then you’ll see me finally “return” to WordPress and catch up. If not, you’ll know what happened – sucked into the vortex of God knows what. I’ve decided no more prescheduled posts as the fact that I’ve not responded to anything is weighing heavily on my mind ….

    Anyway, I digress. I was actually on my computer looking for cabinet hinges and noticed I had a tab opened to your blog (apparently from quite a while ago when i was going to comment on something and probably got interrupted). And I just started scrolling and found your wonderful photo and your moving story. I hope this is one you plan to have framed – gorgeous light and love the angle you shot the house at.

    Enjoy your den!


    1. Stacy, I can’t even get into my den yet. This weekend is going to be taken up with hanging a lot of pictures around the house and sorting through all the other “stuff” I’ve collected over the years. There’s been a lot of stress and Lynn and I are trying to work through it. We listed the other house on March 1 and just countered an offer yesterday. Should know by tonight if they accept. Fingers crossed. I hadn’t thought about printing this shot. But now that I look at it again…. Maybe a bit more saturation?


      1. I understand “stuff” all to well 😜My fingers are crossed for you on the counter offer!! So great you got an offer so quickly too. As for the print, I love the saturation just as it is 🙂


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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