Prompts and Challenges
Final version

Final version

Maybe once a week I swear off any new challenges. And then Cee comes along with a challenge I can’t refuse. This one I thought would be easy. Sepia tones only. So with my comment to her: “Take a vintage type image and process it in sepia and it automatically looks at least 50 years older. great fun this week. I’,m going to go see what I have!” I went to see what I had. (And I left all the typos intact so you get an idea of how excited I was to play!) I finally chose the old railroad station in Caliente NV which was taken a few weekends ago:

DSCF3959 copy

I decided not to crop any tighter because I liked the cloud in the sky. I have no idea why, I just did. I converted to black and white by simply taking out all saturation, then added a sepia preset:

DSCF3959 copy copyThat was certainly a disappointment. So I tried making it a bit darker:

DSCF3959 copy copy1Still nowhere near a 50 year old image. That got me to thinking maybe the current lenses are too sharp, so I added a slight blur to the image, then added a textured preset of torn paper:

DSCF3959 copy copy copyAnd finally I added more of a darker reddish-orange cast to the image, took the contrast down as far as possible, and added  a vignette:

Final version

Final version

Finally, I was happy. I hope you are, too. Or, if not happy, at least not discontent. I hate when people are discontent. Or not happy!

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    1. You made me laugh! No selfies! Those textures are great to play with. And they add a lot to making the photograph look like it’s been handled for years, maybe stuck in a wallet or in the pages of a book..


    1. Same here. I really dislike clear skies in my photos as they tend to look unfinished. But in real life, clear skies are welcome, though living in the desert as we do, we (my wife and I) have even been known to dance in the rain!


  1. What’s not to like ? The process and the final production both made this an enjoyable visit 😊

    I also used multiple overlays in my entries for this challenge but I’ll be darned if I remember the order 😂


  2. I can see why you like the sky, the cloud pattern just about echoes the buildings shape. I enjoy reading your process. Makes me want to start taking pictures – I haven’t done that in years (other than iphone snapshots).


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