On The Road


On The Road to Scotty’s Castle, Death Valley CA February 13, 2016

The above image is what Lightroom calls a pano; two images stitched together side by side. I was trying to get a shot of the desert wildflowers which you can barely see (the yellow on either side of the road). Due to the weather we have had, those in the know are calling for an earlier spring than normal in Death Valley. But the wildflowers are still sparse, though there is great promise in different areas of the park. We will return at a later date and hopefully catch the blooms at their peak. As a side note, the wildflowers do need ample water to grow and this road to Scotty’s Castle was closed due to floods about two weeks earlier so it should be a great show, Right now all we saw were yellow and a few purple wildflowers. Can’t wait!


22 thoughts on “On The Road

    1. I did a pano with 4 images. Up and down, left and right. It works but there are logistics involved. Do I have your email? I’ll send it to you. Oh, wait. I can send it on Facebook messages. I’ll have to do it tonight.

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  1. The *pano* is new to me and now I’m curious about exploring the feature for myself 🙂

    I actually had to look at your photo a couple of times before I noticed the double yellow line. I kept looking into the distance trying to identify the seam between the 2 photos. Sometimes I miss the obvious 🙂


  2. great photo. I loved Death Valley, the first visit I didn’t have enough time because I thought what’s there a dessert in the valley? – not much to see. So I booked 5 days in Las Vegas and 2 in Death Valley. I was so wrong. I wasn’t to into Vegas, but was so amazed with Death Valley that we’ve been back twice. It must be so amazing to be so close to see it throughout the year and seasons.


    1. Funny you should say that. I think I lived here at least 12 or 13 years before first going out there.We went twice when my wife said she didn’t want to go back out because there wasn’t much to see. I’ve been out on my own since. Then, this past weekend, I talked her into going to see the desert wildflowers and now she’s asking to go again. Women!

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    1. Thanks, Frank. I thought so, too, until someone pointed out the two broken yellow lines on the road. If I had noticed, it wouldn’t have been a difficult fix but I think I’ll leave it, see if anyone else catches it!


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