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Better late than never, I always say. Actually, I only say that when I’m late. Procrastination and me are frequent companions. But I finally thought I’d give the “best of…” a try. Not that anybody really cares what I think are my best images of 2015. But it gave my ego quite a boost just to go back and look at some of these again. So here goes…

I began the year with a series of Las Vegas Strip properties. I have still to do nighttime shots but maybe all that neon and glitter is passe. So, early morning light on this first one.

The Strip

About 8:30 am on a Sunday morning looking north from the Mandalay Bay. Love the overhead light pole directing your eye.


Detail of the New York New York Hotel and Casino with added sunlight flare.

Out in the middle of nowhere, taking shots down the tracks when this pedestrian appeared. The image still needs work but one of my favorites.

Attempted to convert this image to black and white but stopped here. Love the varied textures besides the colors. And that stomach ain’t bad, either.

A mostly retirement community about an hour out from Las Vegas called Chloride AZ. I only wanted the little gas station when this person and pet walked into the shot.

Brunswick Hotel Route 66 Kingman AZ

The Brunswick Hotel on Route 66 in Kingman AZ. The route traverses almost 2,800 miles between Chicago IL and Santa Monica CA.

Fujifilm X-T1 1/3800 sec at f/1.8 ISO 400 32mm

Another Route 66 image, this time taken in Seligman AZ, on my second drive out that way.


Taken in 2012 but not posted till this past year. The image was overexposed and boring until my processing skills improved. (And no smartass comments.)

The Hamm's water tower in Nelson NV with real golden hour lighting!

The Hamm’s water tower in Nelson NV with real golden hour lighting (though I did add the clouds)!

Overton trestle-

A trestle in Overton NV. We were out for a Sunday drive, just being spontaneous (we call it being “spont” because we’re lazy)!


These last two were taken in Kanosh UT, courtesy of my wife who told me to pull off the highway when there was a sudden clearing in the storm we were driving through, just before golden hour.


So, there you have it. Hope you stuck around to the end and enjoyed my walk down my own personal memory lane.


76 thoughts on “Best Of…

  1. I like the 2 vintage cars standin alone in the field most. The light and the clouds fit perfectly to the lost scene. #2 is the water tower.
    In some of the others, the HDR effect (and / or over-sharpening) is too strong in my opinion. (i.e. gas station and Brunswick Hote)

    summed up: a goo selection and overview, what you have done last year – go on this year, Emilio!


        1. Thanks, Olive. I’ve never read any of the Reacher series. I hate to say I saw the movie with Tom Cruise and enjoyed it because I’d bet that true fans hated it and hated Cruise in the roll. Have you seen it? Do I have to read the series in order?

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  2. It was great seeing these images again although I don’t remember two of them. In any case I’m glad you did a best of – better late than never 🙂


  3. Great series of photos. On the first image, often an object jetting out of nowhere looks weird and out of place, but not in that photo. That leading line into the photo really pronounces a sense of depth.


      1. Hello! We were in Mexico over the holidays with our family and took a real unplugged vacation. We are both great although the economy in Alberta is brutal! Our Canadian dollar is plummeting in comparison to the US. Next big trip is to Australia and Fiji in Feb. A few days in Vegas late March. 🙂

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  4. I think they’re all fantastic. My favorite is the one from Chloride, Az. I like the quiet feel of it. The person and the dog makes it much more realistic to daily life.
    Great photography …. !!!
    Happy New Year 2016 … May it be GRAND !!!!
    Isadora 😎


    1. Agreed! Not necessarily about the elegant, graphical part but the haunting part. At first I was concerned that I was out in the middle of nowhere and here comes this huge, burly guy. But then I remembered my wife was in the car. 🙂


  5. Great, great gallery of photos. I found myself saying ‘yeah, that’s my favourite’ … until I reached the next one. I ended up with at least 3 MAJOR favourites 🙂

    I do remember that last photo with the fence line very well. In fact, I was so inspired by the composition of this photo, I played with my own version of it in a series of photos I took one day. Mine of course don’t have the same punch that your’s does.
    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m learning 🙂


    1. What a great comment, Joanne. Thanks. I’d love to be able to pass along things I’ve learned but, truthfully, none of it is original. It’s all on the internet. I can give you the websites and tutorials I’ve learned from if you’d like sometime.


  6. Wonderful, wonderful set! I’m going on my 2nd year blog-eversary and your images are still among my most favorite~ I’ve said it before and don’t mind saying it again– you’re so talented. Well done! :)d


  7. This walk down memory lane was great, and speaking of walking … that pedestrian / railroad track shot is so, so good! Seriously? He just appeared?
    I very much enjoyed your selection, Emilio!


  8. Nice selection . . . I often stop when I see old cars or cabins. Old architecture is also of interest, although I don’t shoot as many as I should.

    . . . and I really should take a drive hitting the old RT. 66 hotspots.


    1. There are so many hot spots on rte 66. But also a lot of dead spaces, too. The first trip we took from our home in Las Vegas was to Kingman AZ. The next time we went from there to Seligman AZ hitting about 5 or 6 small deserted towns in between. I would love to, one day, take the entire route from California to Illinois.

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